Interviewing and Alephs!

Ok, let’s start with the Internet. ever so flatteringly asked if I was willing to do an interview for his page about my miniature painting!! Eeee!
The conversation may have deviated at time from gaming topics to cheeseburger dreams, but I felt thoroughly spoiled that anyone liked my little corner of the internet enough to post about it!

So head on over if you’d like to read the interview – but be warned – there is an ever large picture of my ugly mug smiling at you with caffeine obsessed eyes. Hehe.

So finished up my last Asura for my Aleph Infinity guys!

 photo 12_zpsa83c9502.jpg

 photo 13_zpsa273fd4a.png

 photo 14_zps82baeb54.png

I’m going back through all 6 of them to give them touch-ups, fix highlighting etc at the moment, but otherwise – they’re now all done!!

This girl need some more dimension to her hair, and another pass of white on her back inner thigh but otherwise – finished!!

Painting Sage thinks he might have some cool bases to go on these guys so hoping to paint those up as well. My only trepidation is that these guys are very fragile so I’m SURE I’m going to break someone getting them off their current base. Wish me luck!!



33 thoughts on “Interviewing and Alephs!

  1. That figure looks even better now, doubly impressive considering the punishing huge photos that tend to show up even the most minor blemish. The pink lights in the armour work very well and I particularly like the colour at the end of her impractically long locks. I will definitely swipe that idea.

    Rebasing those models sounds like a recipe for disaster. Im just saying…

      • When rebasing, use this sort of thing:

        Just go in at 90 degrees in the centre of the tab and clip. Then the same from the other side. The old base will be destroyed, but we’re not concerned about the old base… just the figure!
        Nice work on the figure, BTW. The pale red in the bodysuit is quite effective. Are they internal lights? If so, the tiniest bit of gloss varnish (or even water effects applied by the tip of a brush – practice on something else first) could make for a very nice “light” effect.

      • Thanks very much! I might have to ask Painting Sage about this to see if I can pull it off. That would really give the mini a nice extra dimension. I often think these guys look a bit too….flat?
        And I still haven’t worked up the courage to cut them off the base yet! I’ll have a read through that! πŸ˜€

      • I haven’t painted much long hair but if I was to approach it I think I would first google image search “manga long black hair”. I would then try to copy that style and get some thin grey lines with highlights in the hair to capture a manga-esque feel. You probably don’t need too many lines for a nice effect. Have to have a steady hand though or use the natural edge of the figure to create the line using a brush against the side.

        Just my 2 cents.

  2. Hey there, El! Thanks again for the interview. It was nice getting to know the girl behind the paintbrush. All the best! – David

  3. Good interview, and you look great; behold the power of caffeine. πŸ˜‰
    I’ve been reading along quietly and I’m quite jealous of you’re rapidly increasing skills as I haven’t had time to paint in months.
    I did a traveling theatre show for two weeks in Australia years ago and we did a loop of Sydney, Cowra, Newcastle, and Sydney. Didn’t get to Melbourne though.
    Is ‘Big Smoke’ slang for city?

    • Hello! πŸ™‚ thankyou! Oooh does not everyone call big cities ‘the big smoke’s? Haha I thought that was a globally used term! Yea I was refereing to melb! Did you enjoy your time here πŸ™‚ ?

      • Yes, absolutely enjoyed it! Except for the beet slice in the middle of my burger, that was an unwelcome surprise. :/ At the end of our run we were invited on a tour of the Sydney Opera House and got to climb all over the place and poke into everything both in the house and in the resident companies nearby production and rehearsal facilities. Great stuff! Then they made us sing and tell jokes on stage, that was all right too.

  4. Hi El Asura looks fantastic, definitely going to try and copy your shading on the armour , gun and bodysuit as close as I can! It looks great πŸ™‚ Loved the interview as well, lovely to hear more about how you, how you got started/into the hobby. Also nice to here about your gaming community and the support/friendships it has fostered. As I said you and Wurmwood inspiring me to keep going myself and gave me the confidence to keep posting up my own stuff. All the best Pete.

      • Using the clippers you would use to cut plastic models off of spues. You can use them to cut the bases either side of the slot the model ‘slots’ into then you can remove each half of the base separately. The bases you cut off will be ruined but it will be less damaging trying to pull the whole model out. You could even cut the bases into quarters or more and remove them in as small a piece as you feel comfortable. I hope that makes sense it was bit of a ramble.

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