To Infinity and Beyond!

Sooooo…I couldn’t come up with a better title. That’s all I’ve got.

After some more painting sessions with le Painting Sage , I have nearly finished my Infinity Aleph crew!
My plan is that when I have all 6 of them done, to go back through them one by one and do a line of final touch ups – as I’ve noticed through posting photos there are some glaring errors that need correcting.

 photo 3_zpseb58798e.jpg
What’s that? SORRY CAN YOU SPEAK UP? Wait! Let me cup my ear to hear you.

Why she’s holding her head like that constantly baffles me. I look at her arm and think, ‘are you struggling to hear?’ ‘are you itching something?’ ‘DO YOU EVEN HAVE EARS!?’.

I also just realised how bad the above picture is. Better one coming soon…..

 photo 5_zpsb6844810.jpg

I stuffed up the white ‘shading’ technique that Painting Sage was showing me – you can see a better rendition of it on his own work, and ended up having to try to hide it by re-painting a lot her white. *siiiiiiiiiiigh*

We also had a ‘test run’ game. This was less of a game than it was more ‘scenarios’ of ‘Ok, so if he was here, and I was here – I could shoot this weapon and roll 3 dice to try to roll below 14’ etc etc. So far I quite like how this game plays.
It seems….closer to the feel of what a real fight might play like than say, Warmachine. But in that being said – I don’t really understand how to play either of them to be making any judgments hahaha.

 photo 6_zps8c3d6d92.jpg
My little bat-bots ready for their fight.

Painting Sage has added some other items to his print and play Infinity terrain. It looked so cool with the little figures on it! Kind of made my imagination go into over-drive imagining large mechanical foot steps shaking the surrounding shipping containers as my bots slowly moved towards the enemy.

 photo 7_zpsd3a516fa.jpg

Other than Infinity, as you know I have been painting up Madelyn from Warmachine. I have been picking her up and doing little bits here and there to touch her up.
I wasn’t happy with how the paint ‘water stained’ under her bum, so I tried to blend it back a bit to hide it and re-highlighted the grey. Now it looks very 2 dimensional – ugh, more stuff to fix.

 photo 9_zpsd0c888f1.jpg
Sorry for the bad photo quality, I’m half asleep – it’s 1am – and I spent all of no time trying to focus/light this picture.

In addition to touch ups, I thought ‘Hey, I see people paint eyes on this mini all the time cause they’re pretty easy to access, why not give it a try?’

 photo 8_zps04dbb66d.jpg

Worst. Idea. Ever.
Never painting eyes again. I ended up painting back over the pupils and left them white, but even then she looks….creepy.

Good night everyone!

Sincerely, El.


18 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond!

  1. Personally think the green shading for the white you have done on the Asura is really effective. Would never have thought to use that colour for that task and it has worked really well I think, provides real definition in erm, all the right places ;). I really like the highlights on the gun to and am looking forward to giving the tutorial a try from Wurmwoods blog for highlighting black.
    I know what you mean about eyes. I have only had any marginal success using the “superhero mask” technique I picked up from Miniwargaming site but it does mean painting the eyes before the rest of the face. Am sure Wurmwood would have some other techniques. I did also try one of those super thin pens but didn’t get in with it. I think the skin tone on the warmachine models face is great and will definitely need to get you to tell me how you achieved the skin tone on your Deva!
    Have to agree, the table with your models on looks ΓΌber cool:)

    • Ooh I’d love a link to the super hero eyes/mask you’re talking about! πŸ™‚ and thankyou very much! I would also have never considered green and blue to shade white but it looks so cool on Wurmwoods stuff. Haha I never would have thought of it on my own though! I will definitely write down the colours and steps for the devas skin for you πŸ™‚ I’ll just have to get wurmwood to remind me how we did it! πŸ™‚ cant wait to see yours!

  2. Nice work. A really good technique I’ve seen people use for eyes is to use a really fine art pen to do pupils, it gives you more control then a brush. I’m yet to try it for myself but the results I’ve seen are great.

  3. Pretty awesome stuffs! Can’t wait to see more. πŸ˜€
    Though mold lines cannot be unseen. I often tend to not see any until it is ‘too late’. I have made a habbit of it to check the model for missed mold lines after I have primed them. Depending on the color, of course, you can see bad mold lines really quickly and fast. I tend to file them down and then add another coat of primer to remedy the shaved off paint.

    • Yea I’m going to have to start doing this because the number of mold lines I discovered after the mini was half painted is really annoying! Haha. A friend suggested I do a quick prime spray with a different colour or a dry brush as this might highlight some unseen defects before it’s too late! πŸ™‚

      • It really helps! Especially since it can and will save you later frustration. I get peeved when I look at some of my “first” models after taking an eight year long break from painting. Now I try to pay more attention to it but I still miss the one or other tid bit.

        You could also try to integrate some of the mold lines into the paint scheme. Like some artery robot lines or some fun thing like that. πŸ˜€

      • Yea wish I had of checked the Infinity guys better. My main girl has a big mold line down the front of her leg.
        Less tiresome than the one that WAS across her face – but the one on her face I couldn’t live with hahaha and ended up scratching all the paint off of her head with my thumb nail.

  4. I got the impression she had some sort of ear mounted comm link she was activating, although that’s sorta random I’m a sci-fi world full of futuristic weapons and technology.
    As to eyes, blarggh. I pretty much always just leave them out; I let the wash put them in shadow and leave them that way. Grin. Grim for the win.

    • Oh haha, actually activating a comm system or something similar makes a lot of sense. I did assume she was either reaching up to hold her headset to hear better, or moving her hair out of the way.

      Yea, I’m thinking I’m just going to start darkening the yes out from now on.

  5. The Asura looks great. Have you given any thought to basing the Aleph yet?

    Keep on trying with the eyes. I disregard all these tutorials and simply paint a horizontal white line across the eyes, trying within reason to stay within the lines, then a vertical black line down the centre of each eye. Then it’s back out with the flesh colour to tidy up. The effect is not stellar but it suffices at tabletop distance (though arguably you can get away without painting the eyes at all at that range).

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