Well, that was unexpected…

 photo 4_zpse3550ba1.jpg

Sooooo, I’m just casually cruising the internet when I stumble upon this http://www.jra-umadonna.jp/ .

This is a Japanese dating sim, played from the perspective of a horse!

Now so far as I can gather, you play the role of a racing horse in a stable. You have a tough time dealing with the fact that you aren’t quite as fast or ept as the other steeds and struggle with self confidence.

But, never fear little pony! Because you have 3 beautiful maidens to woo.

 photo 3_zpsb9e12d0c.jpg
The Jockey.

 photo 2_zps52fd2956.jpg
The trainer.

 photo 1_zps3388d514.jpg
Aaaand the stable hand.

Oh and here’s a side shot of you…

 photo 5_zpsa80b727e.jpg

Free to play available on the JRA website (link above; in Japanese) apparently this game ‘Umadonna’ was so successful and brought so much publicity to JRA they are currently developing a second one!

Iiiiiiiiiinteresting stuff.



How do you record a game?

I watch a lot of ‘let’s play’ type videos, and what people demonstrating how to do something at a certain point – what is the best way/software to record you playing a game?