My Sky has a Rim on it

When The Elder Scrolls Skyrim came out, I was wholly obsessed with it.  To the point, that I got tired of missing out on all the pretty texture packs of the PC users (as I was playing on PS3 at the time) and literally went out and built a computer JUST for Skyrim.

After all this time – it would appear I am obsessed again. Hahaha.

Onto the adventures!!

I started myself a new Warhammer wielding bringer of death, collected my Lydia (aka. Chlamydia) and took on the world.

Hey Chlamydia, go easy on the contouring ey? You look like you have a 5 o’clock shadow… I mean heeeey gurl, looking on fleak today!

So Lydia and I start stomping around the country side. First priority, is to visit every city so that I have a fast travel point for near by questing.

Stopped by Markath to solve some murders and buy some goods.

2I reaaaallly have to question  what that meat he’s holding is. Because when you’re just a torso trying to sell me large chunks of mystery flesh – I start to ponder being a vegetarian.

Now, one of the other things I’ve been doing is trying to get the 15 Daedric Artifacts. These tend to be fairly high in stats and look a bit fancy, so I picked myself up the Savior’s Hide. Now, this was the most powerful piece of Armour I had at the time so I was of course wearing it.

While this armour looks a bit skankeriffic in general, I wasn’t fully aware of HOW skanky it was until I got a kill cam on a Dragon.

I can imagine what the towns people are saying while I defend their city from the flying lizards.

3Look friends! It’s the great Dovakin here to save us from the…oh my! Kids, cover your eyes.

The second Daedric Artifact I got was ALSO a piece of armor. While it may not be as revealing as the first, I’m pretty sure my epic mustache mask has it’s own level of seduction.

4New from Victoria’s Secret – the Mustache Night-Mask. Now only $499.00.

While Chlamyd’s and I were dungeoneering, I found this odd shaped ball. Figured that it would look nice at home on the mantle to shoot sparks at and pretend we’re having he worlds most ancient disco when suddenly a voice emanates from it asking me to return it to it’s rightful place.

As I am not in the business of robbing others of their party goods, I promptly followed the instructions and went to find the shindig to ask if we were invited and could my trusty follower come as a +1?

When I arrived, it turned out that the voice was coming from some sort of statue in the middle of who-knows-where.

5Have you considered Tindr? Your love can reach a radius pre-determined in the settings.

I stepped up, as I’m not one to judge the race of others, far be it for me to tell a statue they can’t hook up and party, and placed the disco ball into the nook at the bottom when suddenly I get launched into the air.

6Ok lady, calm your various light beams, and put me back on the ground. I’m not into your weird sky events.

Meridia, who turned out to be the god of infinite energy asked me to go turn on the lights for the party in her old temple.
Lydia was a fan of the idea despite telling me 18 bloody times “I don’t like the look of this”, but then again, she might of been catching her reflection in the pool of blood on the floor.

I flick all these reflective balls on, and the temple starts to light up – which is far more the party I was hoping for.

7You’ll be coming home with me tooooniiiiiight, and we’ll be burning up like neeeeon liiiiiights

So cool, the lights are on. I go to leave the temple and let Meridia know she’s ok to start letting the guest know that they can start arriving when this AWFUL, and I mean AWFUL dude leaps out and starts shooting me with ice shards.

Normally, I’m ok with someone gettin’ all mad that there is a party happening in their house and they weren’t invited – because that’s just rude, but this guy just kept at it.

Wouldn’t listen to reason so had to give him a beat down and let him know that it was not ok to just start shooting at people when suddenly, he changes into his party gear.

8On second thoughts Meridia, I don’t think I like your friends. We might give the party a miss.

After putting down the scary bro at the end of the temple, Lyds and I head back to let Meridia know what happened, and show her this cool sword we picked up when suddenly she get’s all cult on me and asks if I want to preach her religion of Tindr fans and party goers.

9Sorry but, there is no other word appropriate here except a really loud NOPE.

Well, that is the end of the adventures for the time being.

Tune in next week for another episode of Skanks with Swords.



Nexus Addiction, Needs more dragons

So, while I’m ‘meant to be’ studying for exams, I decided to cheer myself up by buying Skyrim Legendary Edition for PC.

Now, I own Skyrim on PS3 but after drooling over the all of the texture mods and upgrades available on the internet, I decided to go out and purchase a high-grade gaming PC for the purpose of running said version of Skyrim (yes, I know a bit lame), and as it turned out – never got around to purchasing it.

Well now I have Skyrim, all of the DLC and a NexusMods account.

 photo 1_zpsc0a032e7.jpg

I started by installing the Bethesda textures pack from Steam. Couldn’t believe how detailed everything looked compared to my Playstation 3 version.

As I have said in the past, I make most of my characters to look like a basic version of myself, so this time, I decided to find a mod that included my own hair style so I could ATTEMPT to make this character as much like me as I could.

 photo 2_zps27d3e58a.jpg
( Mod is ‘AppachiiSkyHair’ )

As much as I would love to say ‘OMG, SPITTING IMAGE’, I am far from actually looking quite like that but hey, the hair fits and we both have a square jaw, whatever.

The overall scenery improved through a few different mods, but WOW were they worth it. I feel like I’m playing a massive cinematic EPIC movie.

 photo 3_zps5937aab0.jpg
( Mods for evironment used are ‘WATER – Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux’, ‘Sharshooters Extreme Graphics ENB‘, as well as ‘True Vision ENB’ )

I also found a mod that enhances the skin textures specifically.

 photo 4_zps7855cf8a.jpg
If you look closely, he actually has visible VEINS and HAIRS on his arms. Most of the male characters hold this trait – while the female skin was softened.

 photo 5_zps1154514e.jpg

I absolutely love this mod purely because, now everyone is basically super beautiful. I mean, hell. Lydia looks like she models for Vogue on weekends.

 photo 7_zps740ef498.jpg
( Combination of two mods ‘Improved Female Skin Textures’  and, ‘Realistic Female Face Skin HD‘ )

I could NOT go past also installing an animal mod.
The creatures of Skyrim now have multiple colours (i.e. not all the bunnies are the same) and the animals themselves are far more life-like.

 photo 6_zps6fc3a5d2.jpg
( Mod used was ‘Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack’ )

I’m unsure which mod was responsible for this specifically, but now my characters eyes are far clearer, brighter and stand out as well…

 photo 8_zps16aef642.jpg

But, best of all, I love love love being a photographer in my games – and most of all I enjoy taking snapshots that I can later use as my own PC Wallpaper supply.

 photo 9_zps2352ba8e.jpg

Needless to say, my future as a digital photographer may not be a good nor a professional one – but it’s going to be heaps more fun with this game now!!!


My Face?

I’ve mentioned in the past, that I like to use myself as a basic template for my in-game persona’s. By this I mean I like to keep them female, short, long black hair and blue eyes (and when possible, I’ll attempt specific facial features and body shape as well, but that’s often not much of an option).

So, I thought I’d put a short collection of some of the ones I have shots of at the moment. I wonder if I over-layer all the images, I would see my face?

 photo 1_zps74569cd8.jpg
Oh how I love this game. I was playing it on PS3 and this image was taken with my phone, hence looks a bit warped sorry.

 photo 2_zps3ca266f6.jpg
Star Trek Online.
I do not in fact have pointed ears and extremely slanted eyebrows.

 photo 3_zpsa82161bc.jpg
Dragon Age: Origins.
I actually love the characters faces in this game. They’re not overly ‘pretty’ all the time, and makes them a little more realistic.

 photo 4_zps0a9a20d2.jpg
DC Universe Online.
Yea, can’t really see her face but without the mask she basically looks like the STO girl. Her long black hair is in a ponytail but I didn’t have a good screenshot on hand showing it.

 photo 5_zpscbcf7974.jpg
My current love. This is actually a really nice angle for this character to be shot on. Straight on she has A LOT of white in her eyes, making her look a bit creeper.

Well! That’s all for today!
~ El.