Neverwinter, Neversummer

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Hello friends! So, my adventures in Dragon Age Origins appear to have been placed shortly on hold to make way for my new found addiction to Neverwinter.

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To be entirely serious, I would have to say that this is one of the best games I’ve played in a while. And it’s an MMO? Surprising, given that most new F2P MMOs actually somewhat annoy me due to their keyboard warrior type player communities.

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I had the opportunity to party with a group of people doing a PvP. It’s a kind of ‘capture the flag‘ but a little more – capture the ‘magical spiral tower’.

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Ello ello ello, you gots a purdy mouth

Started healing a random person on my map who turned out to be very friendly and took me on a tour through some dungeons.

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T’was great fun!

Ended up queueing up for something that was a daily dungeon event? Or something similar? Unsure – either way, joined with a random group of 3 and off we set.

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And if you’ll look directly to your right, you will see a supernova in it’s natural habitat.

Our groups bravery was rewarded with a big treasure chest.

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That yielded EXTREMELY little for me. Poo!

Went on dungeionearing by myself and found this one that involved turning these giant statues to activate hidden pathways.

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There you go, ladies. A nice view of the park.

I am actually in love with looking around a lot of the dungeons and buildings in this game. They are actually quite pretty to look at. Most of my screenshots aren’t for this blog, they’re because I’m like ‘woah that’s cool, lemme get a picture’.

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I shall call her Lydia.

Got myself a few nifty treasures for getting levels. The first of which is my beloved companion named ‘Mr. Meat Shield‘.

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He’s a tad full of himself…

If you look at him up close, turns out he has green eyes and a bridge scar.

 photo 14_zps35d8bb72.jpg
Oh Mr. Meat Shield. Cut yourself shaving again?

In addition, upgraded my head to have some level of defense. Unsure what was protecting it before, but it makes my characters eyes look far less…er…creepy.

 photo 11_zps2999bd9e.jpg

Any my personal favorite, I GOTS A POOOONY.

 photo 15_zps12d1569f.jpg
Don’t kick, Neighneigh. You might hurt someone.

Oh, and due to some people taking advantage of a fault in the games ‘Auction House’ the entire server got rolled back by 7 hours (I think?) losing a few completed quests of mine, but no big deal.
As compensation, the admins decided to give everyone a gift.

This is my ‘I survived Caturday’ cape.
Uhhh….I don’t think I’ll be rolling about in THAT somehow.

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Neverwinter Nights But it’s Always Cold

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So, I was over at a friends and they hopped onto Neverwinter to give me a tour. Needless to say – first thing I did when I got home was download it.

I love that this game has it’s own beautiful graphics, and not the stock standard half arse disappointing cartoon looking style that the majority of F2P MMO’s seem to have lately.

So after signing up and customising my character, I was dropped into my first quest. Basically the ‘learn how to use the controls’ quest that everyone expects.

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My new friend, waving his sword around like as if he knows what he’s doing…

The quest ended with a ‘mini-boss’ of sorts (after my friend had been incapacitated).

 photo 3_zps3fd32030.jpg

The world, cities and dungeons are all actually quite beautiful. I spent a bit of time ignoring my quest path (the sparkles on the ground act as a quest path guide of sorts, HALLELUJAH) and just explored the city and checked out other players and vendors.

 photo 4_zps5aa5180f.jpg

On my travels through the city, I also found my friend in-game goal.

 photo 5_zps4b31fdd7.jpg
Come with me, little pony. I have a carrot?

Most area’s a conveniently equipped with a ‘camp’ which acts not only as a save point (yay, don’t end up back in the city) as well as healing you.

 photo 6_zps3e8058ce.jpg

On more than one occasion I wasted a pot and then discovered one of the camps right around the corner *ugh*. Learn to game, El. You’re an idiot.

Well, I might leave this there, back to killing rats.

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Myyyyy milkshakes bring all the rats to the yard, and they’re like you wanna take 45 damage per hit?

Anyone else playing this game at the moment?

– Always, El.