Tiny Dragon Gets Painted!

Ok ok, I am actually fully aware that this particular model is in fact a snake – but I mistakenly called it a dragon when I said to my painting friend ‘Oh, I wonder what the dragon will look like in person?’ before the Malifaux miniatures arrived in the mail – and since then, I’ve called him the tiny dragon.

 photo 2_zps836f24e1.jpg
Err….I don’t think my tongue should be green. Get the medic – tell them my tongues green!!

So I have to admit I was on a little bit of a high from all the work I’d put into Myranda and thought – hey the snake creature doesn’t look that tough! Should be a breeze.

How sorely mistaken I was.
1. The model actually doesn’t fit together. For some odd reason. I received 2 tails, which after much inspection found they were definitely identical and neither fit.
In addition, the teeth do not quick glue flush close to the models mouth – so I got to learn all about the world of ‘Green Stuff’.

 photo 4_zps01555df1.jpg
Teeth greened in, and behind that loop is a greened together tail that I then filed back to make it look like it was 1 piece.

2. Painting something with tiny cracks, and a lot of flat surfaces is actually damned hard.

3. I have no idea how to blend colours properly or contain my ‘wash’ shading to his cracks.

Either way, here is the end result:

 photo 3_zps4e4b4e64.jpg
Whew, my mouth isn’t green. Hey wait, El…EL…ELLISON..You know I’m meant to have a blue tongue right?

Yeaaaa…the model is depicted in the photos as having purple gums and a blue tongue, but after I’d put in all the work on his little teeth – I didn’t have it in me to change the colours. Although…I do think he’d look nicer with a blue tongue to be honest.

Well, not as happy with this one, but it’s all a good learning experience. And a good reminder that just because I was happy with Myranda doesn’t mean I still have any idea what I’m doing … AHAHAHA.

On a side note, I watch anime. Recently watched about 7 episodes of an anime called ‘PhotoKano’.

 photo 1_zps4d5b8bda.jpg

Needless to say, don’t do it. I’m a lesser person for having sat through 7 episodes.
Back to Shinjeki!Sincerely,


Myranda is FINALLY done!

Finally my little Malifaux miniature Myranda is done! With hair!!

 photo 1_zpsd8b2e793.jpg
Finally! You gave me hair!

To be honest, I am super super proud of her!! Admittedly, she would look nothing like this if I hadn’t had someones advice.

Now, I would also like to give a mention to the amazing EvilBleachMan (Bleached Models) for writing me a guide on how to do blond hair. He is an amazingly breath-taking painter, and I felt so honored that he would take the time to write out how he does blond hair for me.

Now, I didn’t have all the right paints, but with my friends assistance we selected what we though was a good range and had at it.

 photo 5_zps2ee3305d.jpg

It didn’t come out quite how I’d hoped, or anywhere near EvilBleachMan’s work – but I think it was an acceptable attempt!!! I shall have to really practice hair hehe.

 photo 4_zps567dcaee.jpg

My friend was teaching me how to do a layering effect on the feathers. Now, compared to their models – my feathers look like clumps of purple with no highlights haha, but still – I’m happy with them.

Well, with Myranda done, and only her base to give some other browns and a little grass to go – I’m now onto dun dun DUUUUUN.
This bad boy.

 photo 3_zpsdf065ed7.jpg


Painting Boots

Hello again!

Thought I’d do a small update as, well, watching YouTube tutorials, reading tutorials and looking at miniature painting forums seems to have taken up my last few days. Hahaha, I love the feeling of excitement with a new hobby/interest.

So, worked a little bit on Myranda today.

 photo 2_zps9cbfbbdf.jpg
Still haven’t done my hair? Serious Ellie, I think the shoes could have waited?

I have given her some nice brown boots (still to be finished with some details/hightlights), and the little skulls on her belt.

 photo 3_zps3681090a.jpg
Come to think of it, given their size…Myranda has killed, and is now wearing the heads of small children……

Now, I was surprised how much layering was involved with these little skulls when my friend (who is helping me learn to paint minis) stepped me through the process. But I think it was worth it, they look much more dimensional now.

 photo 4_zps48a2c94e.jpg
Oh little sabertooth, shake….SHAAAKE….Who’s a good boy?

Based and then painted with a light tan/skin/something colour the 3 headed Sabertooth Cerberus ready for his fur. It was suggested as I was doing a bit of tumb twiddling when waiting for various aspects of Myranda to dry that I get another one going so I can bounce between them. Soooo excited to start on the Sabertooth.

 photo 1_zpse8be5dd3.jpg

This is the picture of my little ‘part of the table’ that I sit at my friends house (as I own maybe, 8 citadel paints and they own something like 100+). I have it set up so that I can see the two characters cards at all times for colour scheme.\
I know I can do them whatever colour, but this is making it easier for me.

Other highlight of my week was getting my X Men Starter decks in the mail.
This is an old Wizards of the Coast release with limited comic book and poster inside. Pretty much just drop the words ‘limited edition’ and/or ‘Wizards card game’ in an advertising campaign and I’m all over your product like ants on candy. Gimme gimme.

 photo 5_zpsa16c45a0.jpg

Well, off to sleep I suppose.
~ As always, Ellison.