I always though creating a game with the acronym ‘LoL’ was quite clever, because the thousands of people googling the letters to ensure that their niece didn’t just say something lewd at the end of her text message will likely become exposed to this game.

I actually stayed away from League of Legends for a while because I thought it was some kind of glorified Real Time Strategy or war-game kind of thing. Low and behold, I’m listening to two friends talking at work and one goes
One: “Oh, I started playing that tower defense game the other day”
Two: “Which one?”
One: “You know, LoL”

My ears actually pricked up (yes, this is something my ears do when I’m trying to hear) – tower defense? Yes pleeeeease!

 photo 4_zps04310e86.jpg
So, here is the basic overview: Green arrow is my skills bar, Yellow is the chat window – and it let’s you know when a party member purchased an important item, Blue arrow to the left are the members in my party and the Red arrow is myself, some other players in my team and le minions.

So basically, you scuttle around in this map, trying to take out the opposite teams towers and eventually their base (is it called a base??).

 photo 1_zpsfcd7de27.jpg
Excuse me minions, coming through!

When you destroy bigger towers close to the base you get super minions.
I like these minions because I like playing the more supportive characters (Like Morgana) so they’re good to hide behind.

 photo 2_zpsa042500d.jpg
Spaaaaawn my lovelies. Come unto me, your leader!

And then once you finally destroy the big hub…

 photo 5_zps12390853.jpg

 photo 3_zps9fc566cf.jpg

Well, not so much beastly exactly as low HP and cowardly, but I like to talk big with the best of them.Talk next time folks!!