The Random Life of Make-up and Miniatures

Well, I have no had a lot of time to paint, update or anything else for that matter.
Makes me sad.

Tears have been shed.

Well, on with the show!

So I finally have my “failed Rotten Harvest: Trick or Treat” entry mostly completed. There’s some basing detail still to finish, but here she is!!

 photo 1_zps98d20530.png
Er, El….I know you put a lot of time into this and all but doesn’t this look kind of…broken?

Now I ended up with an unintended side effect of, as all of the elements were created and painted SEPERATELTY, I ended up with this odd miss-matched looking base and mini.
Aaah well, I guess you live and you learn yea?

Now, I still have some grass tufts to add to the base and some more shading to do but for the moment – she’s put to the side because I’m afraid if I keep working on her I’m going to try to choke her in her sleep *ehem*.

 photo 2_zpsb25f8a5d.png
Grass tufts soon to appear here and here.

Oh and finally! I know it doesn’t really make sense as they’re different tones and all but – her colour scheme was supposed to look like Candy Corns!!
I made her some small ones out of Sculpey III (which were baked) and glued to the base.

If I try anything like this again, they’re going to have to be way smaller.

Well, other than her I have also been working on my Argus for my Circle group in Warmachine.

 photo 3_zpsa00fb91c.png
Can you ask the other head to close his mouth? I can smell his breath way over here.

I was debating on the colour for the “fur” of the Argus but I think it ended up being Grey as after he was primed in a grey colour, it actually appeared to match the armour colour scheme I had chosen so decided to go with that.

In addition to these, I have been spending a little time learning about Makeup.
I have never been someone to wear makeup really (I am pertinently rolling about in Black Eyeliner from the supermarket but that is literally ALL).

I’m finding this interesting as the shading with blush and bronzer etc etc all appear to match the same rules as I use when painting a face on a miniature. I’m definitely going to see if I can pull off ‘eye glowing’ or ‘zombie tone’ effect or something on my skin.

 photo IMG_20131215_011257_zpszdpx4pmk.jpg
Yup, those would be the smallest damned lipsticks in the WORLD. I put a 5c piece next to them for good measure.

While on a recent trip to Melbourne, I also managed to pick up a few goodies!

 photo 4_zpsd6cd4ae7.png

That would be an expansion for Puppet Wars, Some miscellaneous Reaper Bones minis, Reaper metal Jackalopes to act as Malifaux Proxies if needed, some paints and a copy of WoW – as believe it or not, is a game I only recently started playing and I don’t have a “paid for account” as of yet.

Well, I might leave it there for today!! Don’t want to use up all my photos all at once hahaha.

~ Sincerely,


3 thoughts on “The Random Life of Make-up and Miniatures

  1. Warcraft, noooo don’t do it El, you are still young! It will rob you of the best years of your life and leave you a burnt out husk! 😉

    It’s true that the composition went a bit funny on this one. Having said that the standard of painting in the piece is good throughout and you will only get better at the composition as you try to do more of this kind of project. You could try doing small extra details (e.g. rocks, crushed shells, green stuff mushrooms etc.) on your bases if you want to develop composition – or just avoid doing it like I usually do :P. Probably best to finish her off and move on to further projects. You will have a laugh when you come back to this girl in a couple of years as you can look at how far you will have gone with your painting by then.

    You have done really great to get a piece finished to this standard this early in your painting adventures.


  2. Unification of the piece is something you could do relatively easily. Get some weathering powder, and subtly put some on the base, her dress, the edges of some of the corn, the bottom (particularly) of the skull wall, and the chaos wheel that’s embedded in the dirt. A couple of tufts will also do well as you’ve stated. I also like the Argus. Coming along nicely.

    World of Warcraft, eh? I haven’t played that in quite awhile. Have fun, but you’ll be painting a lot less for quite awhile. I usually come back to it for a couple of months over Christmas, but haven’t done so yet this year. Still, you’ll get a good amount of bang for your buck. I’ll assume that it’s the main reason why your last post was on Dec 15th…

    • Thankyou so much!! 🙂 Hahaha actually my last post wasn’t distant in the past because of WoW.

      Medical problems and a changed work roster to boot has been leaving me as more of a “like post” lurker than anything else.

      Hopefully back into the swing of things soon!

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