A colour scheme from hell…

As promised! A new mini!

Now, please keep in mind that this miniature is:
1. Only half done
2. Was intended to be ‘themed’ for Wyrd’s Halloween painting contest Rotten Harvest.

The colour scheme currently looks a bit tragic, but I’m really hoping that with her equally themed BASE attached, it will all make sense in the end.

The beginning…

 photo 0_zps25a68b6d.jpg

She was originally primed (air gun sprayed) with an all dark yellow and then a light yellow to have a go at the whole pre-shading concept. So far I’m liking how this works.

The glowing eyes were step by step explained to me by beloved Painting Sage. I think I might con him into doing a tutorial. Not only for my future reference, but a few people have asked me how it was done, and I’d like to be able to link to the source of the wisdom.

 photo 1_zps54d60cd6.jpg

From there, she progressed to getting her colours in. Can anyone guess what I’m trying to accomplish with those horrid colours? hahaha.
Well, even if not, all will be revealed eventually!

Highlighting the orange actually blew my mind, because it started as red, and from there ALL I could see was red – I was convinced it was not looking like orange. Painting Sage had to tell me it was time to put the brush down before I had an aneurysm.

 photo 3_zps98fc6041.jpg

Last session I worked on her, she got her hair. This is the first time I’ve attempted a proper ‘brunette’, and her hair has a lot of ‘layers’ making it easier to highlight than most so I’m really hoping it comes out in the photos.

 photo 4_zpscaa78d95.jpg

Painting Sage was actually out snapping some nice shots of his own miniatures and took her with him to get me a good photo – and I forgot to upload it to be available while blogging away at work – so I shall add that in the next post!!

Hahaha, I’m hoping she’s going to look a bit more…um…acceptable when she’s shown with her full fancy themed base. That or she’s forever going to be staring at me with her creeper eyes from the back of my shame shelf.

Talk soon!
~ The Ellinator.


22 thoughts on “A colour scheme from hell…

  1. I still cant paint a decent orange after almost thirty years, so I cant offer anything there.

    The flesh, hair and bodice are particularly nice. Your painting seems to have gone up a notch again, snapping at painting sages heels πŸ™‚

    • Thankyou so so much! I think it looks like it’s improved because of the different technique for shading! And that and I was being far more pedantic than usual as it was for a competition. Haha hopefully I don’t get all lazy with it now!
      I really appreciate the encouragement!! πŸ˜€

  2. You are getting real good real quick. Some consistently fine highlighting there. The face looks particularly characterful what with the way you have accentuated the angular lines on her visage.

    Great stuff, looking forward to seeing how this one comes out in the end.

    • Thankyou very much!! I really appreciate that!! I’m currently in two minds as to how to paint the bows and if I should paint the edging on the corset….also if I should do any more highlighting on the skirt. Hahaha, so many ways I can still ruin her hehe. I really appreciate your comments! πŸ™‚ Hoping she turns out well!

      • You are totally welcome!

        I think it would help to bring out the detail by having some contrast on the laces and the edges of the corset. Look at the web for inspiration, particularly burlesque style apparel as it is aptly theatrical.
        You might get a good effect by using tones very close to the corset colour rather than introducing a clown level of colours on the poor girl.

        I think the bows are going to be the hardest thing to get right on this model. There are plenty of colours on her already so I suspect that there may be merit to using the blue skin tone or the green eye glow on the bow, but get a few second opinions about the bow before you commit.

        The skirt looks pretty good at the moment and you can come back to it after you finalise some of the other elements first. Depending on the basing context you might decide that having some muddy style effects on the bottom of the skirt works well for instance. I think I would probably paint the “lace?” looking bits on the red skirt a slightly paler colour to the red to create more contrast to bring out that detail – a subtle difference in colour that is.

      • Oooh thankyou! Hahaha this entire time I hadn’t even considered used a different tone of the white to bring out the detailed areas! It seems like such an obvious brilliant solution now!!

        Thankyou very very much! These are great ideas!

    • Thankyou very much! I really appreciate that!! πŸ™‚
      Yea, I had actually wanted a more pale colour for the skin, but as it turned out – she’s sort of…er…dark blue hehe. Appreciate your kind words!

  3. Hi El, great job, sorry you’ve been poorly and missed the comp after all the hard work. Looks great though. Personally really like the skin tones, reminds me of the drow skin from the Drizz’t novels and old Lolth tar modules (old D&D ref). Really impressed!

  4. Nice WIP work so far. The first shots made me think it was going to be some kind of Corpse Bride. The dirty white and dirty yellow in particular are coming along nicely.

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