The Mass Effect of Pneumonia

Hello my lovelies!! *BEWARE OF MASS EFFECT 2 SPOILERS*

As you may have noticed, I dropped off the face off the planet for a week or so.

So, I was in a friends wedding (which was all hectic on it’s own preparing for) but, as luck would have it the next day I was sick. Since then, I have mostly been moping around in bed feeling sorry for myself with Pneumonia and the relative goodness of a chest infection. Uuuuurgh.

Literally, stuck in bed for a number of days with not too much energy. So, how did I keep myself amused? With the Halloween STEAM sale of course.

 photo 18_zps99be9e5e.jpg
Ehem. Maybe I should not be left to my own devices sometimes.

As a side note, I have no idea what Painkiller is, nor do I remember selecting it – but hey, there is it.

So I started playing Mass Effect 2. This is a game my cousin has been insisting I try as it is (in her words) “omfgrjuih34r5jkfhri34 epicz”.

 photo 2_zps97625d55.jpg
Hmmm…it’s not too bad.

It’s not a bad game, and it has a relatively interesting story. You start as this chick (I’m playing as Femshep) that she’s proverbially brought back from the dead to do the bidding of some group that no body apparently likes.

Fast-forward a bit and my mission is to recruit a bunch of people in to my ‘crew’.

 photo 1_zps9201cced.jpg
This chick. HAH, she’s basically my own personal hooker with a gun.

 photo 5_zpsae253e59.jpg
Dudes name is Archangel. Why though is actually beyond me as once you see his face, it’s not heaven you assumed he dropped from.

 photo 7_zps60d2e8ac.jpg
And Jack. She’s all hardcore and dangerous and wearing like….ropes to cover her nips.
I suppose living a few months in a stasis tube doesn’t leave for a lot of time to go clothes shopping.

So I head off on these missions in this nightclub, and of course what is the first thing a player should do when presented with digital strippers? Spend all the gold on a lap dance.

 photo 4_zps38be8bd3.jpg
If I’d seen this kids face first, I might have kept my money.

And Jacks all…
 photo 6_zps2a20f0b9.jpg
…You’re doing it wrong.

As much as I am enjoying this game, I must admit the cut-scenes are a bit excessive. Even for me. I feel more like I’m watching a movie that I occasionally participate in, than I am participating in a story with occasional movie.

Other than this, I have been working little bits on WHAT WAS my Rotten Harvest competition entry – but due to getting sick never got her completed in time.

Photos of her next!!

Look forward to catching up on everyones posts! 🙂

~ Sincerely, El


10 thoughts on “The Mass Effect of Pneumonia

  1. Oh, do play Mass Effect first if you’re not too far into ME2. A lot of ME2’s characters and plot points will make sooo much more sense – ME2 is more or less a direct sequel, and choices you make in the first game affect things that happen in ME2 – and ME3 for that matter 🙂

    • Yes I did have a number of people say ‘Wow you’re already up to 2??’ and I had to inform them that I did not in fact play ME1. Given how most have reacted to that, I think I might have to be getting me ME1 before I get too far into this one!

      Thanks thanks!

  2. Mass Effect is a great time sink when you’re sick 🙂 although something especially in mass effect 2 I’ve noticed is that Shepard is a pimp in this game! Although im not sure if that’s the same with femshep?

    • I am actually starting to wish I’d chosen classic Shepard as Femshep is a bit…um…’I wish I were a badarse’ sounding but most of the time comes out sounding like a bored stroppy 15 year old that just had her iPod confiscated. Hahaha.

      Although now that you mention it, the “on board ship” general conversations are quite…er…flirtatious hahaha.

      • Haha, play saints row 4, if mass effect let you bed several crew mates at the same time, the on board stuff would be nearly identical to sr4

  3. Bad luck on the pneumonia. Just realised your on Steam too! Excellent. That is a lot of games, amazing you get any painting done at all. Missed the halloween sale. Probably just as well as exceeded my Download limit last month due to steam games. Tried out some rubbish ones but did enjoy a noir style point and click detective game. Hopefully Mass effect will drop in price at some point again soon.

    • Haha, admittedly I have no in fact given all of those games a ‘thorough’ play through (and my news one aren’t even downloaded haha).
      For example, Legendary. I imagine this would have been a game I would have played were I back in the day of having to go into down and carefully choose what game I was going to spend my last dollars on – but given it was a $4 (I think) quick download, it got a brief ‘Nope this is boring’ play through and never really touched it again.

      Kind of a pity how that works now, I think!! Before hand, I would have stuck it out!

      • True. But now you are wise enough to know a bad game early on. Being able to get a game for less means you can take a chance on something that might be interesting.

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