WARNING: This post may contain miniatures and food.

It’s been a few days since my last post – and finally work has slowed down enough for me to do some stealthy typing.

So, now that I have 5/6 Infinity miniatures relatively finished:

 photo 1_zpsc2b2b4d8.jpg
 photo 3_zps6bb4bdba.jpg

I went ahead and got started on the final 6th!! Yipee!

 photo 6_zps4c3b5b32.jpg
Hello everyone. It’s good to meet you. Despite what you may have heard – I’m not actually naked. I’m wearing a Lycra white body suit.

She is proving a tad more….er…troublesome than the others purely because part way through painting her, I suddenly realised she had a piece of flash stuck to the bridge of her nose. Had to try to get it off without:
1. Giving her a complete nasoectomy
2. Completely destroying the surrounding paint

I’ve actually been finding the Infinity miniatures extremely challenging. Partly because of their size, partly because of their details, and partly because of their colour schemes. Faaar too stressful for my overly anxious, shakes like a guinea-pig in a thunder storm self.

While not working on my Infinity guys, I’ve been trying to speed paint up Madelyn Corbeau for a ‘learn to free hand’ thread happening over on the Wyrd forums in a few days.

 photo 2_zps0e6d1781.png

 photo 1_zpseb1b99a4.png

So I have her at this point (a lot of touch ups and fixing needed!) and my plan is to do the Cygnar swan on the back of her coat.

 photo 9_zpsac2ea5f7.jpg

But I’m not sure how I’m going to do it, as I’m not too fond of just dumping a big area of gold on her, but I also have no idea how to NMM – like at all. So, we shall see I suppose!!

My only other news, is my father did a family dinner the other night of home-made pizza making and movies.

 photo 5_zps100fa547.jpg

It’s ok to be jealous of my amazing pizza.



8 thoughts on “WARNING: This post may contain miniatures and food.

  1. The Infinity crew is looking very nice. Painting a lot of white like that is tough and you are getting a good finish.

    Judging by your description of the Infinity miniatures they sound troublesome to assemble, paint, store and game with. A lot like the metal Malifaux range. That has long put me off picking any of them up (along with the fact that they are quite pricey too). Im not so keen on metal miniatures with multiple fine parts, particularly if they are cast poorly (like a lot of the Malifaux metals that I have come across. I dont know if the Infinity range is similar).

    None of that seems to be stopping you from making good progress though 🙂

    • Thanks I really appreciate that. Honestly I’ve been a little down about how they’re turning out because to me they look like…a step back? Haha. So I honest appreciate the encouragement 🙂

      The biggest problem I’m finding with the Infinity range is that they’re so much smaller than something like Malifaux, and they are really really detailed – making them tricky and fiddly.
      I love their designs! But I do wish they were bigger haha.

  2. These look ace. If I can get my deva looking anywhere near that I’ll be happy. Totally agree there are fiddly compared to to other ranges but just love the sculpts and aesthetics of the game. I found a little blob of green stuff helped to secure things. Just got art book one as well. Which is great for colour scheme ideas. I’m try to copy the studio scheme for my starter box. Have Aleph and Combined Army. Have only base coated the off white so far so lots to do to catch you up 😉

    • Hehe Off White is how I base coated all of mine too!
      Actually when I saw yours pop up in the news feed I did a double take cause I thought I’d accidentally opened my own blog haha.
      And thankyou very much! I have a painting wizard giving me step by step instructions on how to paint these guys so a lot of the credit is his for them even resembling anything remotely presentable .

      I never thought of using the art books for colour schemes! That’s brilliant! 😀 Can’t wait to see your CA guys 🙂 They have awesome designs.

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