Painting, Painting, So much painting…

Ok, let me begin this post with many thanks to everyone who has been helping me with painting the horse and sending encouragement/empathetic messages. It has…improved. I wouldn’t say it was great but it has improved.

I think I’m going to shelf horsey as he is for the time being, and take another crack at one down the track when I have more of any idea of what I’m doing.

 photo 15_zps161335a9.jpg
Big top arrow: Awful ‘blob’ looking effect on the saddle due to my inability to sand back greenstuff correctly.
Small lower arrow: Indicating the weird sawdust like gunk still stuck to the surface that I didn’t managed to clean off all together.

That’ll do, horsey. That’ll do.

I’ve also been working on my Infinity crew!

 photo 7_zps6c3a522c.jpg
I beg your pardon. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind ever so much – giving me some type of nice blending and highlights? Much appreciated.

Sorry about the poor photo quality – I realised I had forgotten to upload any images of this girl to my photobucket, so I emailed the picture from my phone – it seems to have compressed it somewhat.

Either way, I completely botched the shading on her legs and skirt. Her arse looks all badonka-donk-donk, but the front…yea, I think I de-evolved while painting her.
Painting Sage attempted to rescue the front of her skirt for me – but by that stage, I think I’d reached a point of diminishing returns.

Oh, nice surprise this morning was my order from Table Top Empires came today!!
I am going through the Australian based online miniatures stores and putting in small orders just to see what they’re like.
These guys weren’t quite as fast at shipping as Defiant Gaming but only slower by a day or so – so I still rate them.

I received 2 dummy Reaper miniatures just to use as painting practice. So at some point, I will be working on these two little ladies:

 photo RPR02835_180_zps336d3311.jpeg
 photo aeris_1_zps79c38d29.jpg

Other than this, not much to report for this evening.

Say hi to your mothers for me.

Sincerely, Ellie.


4 thoughts on “Painting, Painting, So much painting…

  1. Honestly I think your being to hard on your self about that horse, I think it looks great and would be pound to turn it out!

    Does he have a rider? That would hide the saddle gunk.
    And the sawdust is barely noticeable πŸ™‚

  2. Reaper makes some really nice stuff, I’m looking forward to seeing you paint up those two.

    Hey is anyone going to be riding the horse? Because if they are, it doesn’t matter at all about the blobby green stuff and little things in general – people’s eyes will probably be drawn to the rider anyway. No pressure πŸ˜‰

    • Haha yea there is a rider to go on pony! Just need to get him primed and painted.
      Yea! haha, nooooo pressure.

      Actually have been using pony as a varnish experiment piece to try to get how to seal minis down pat before I try sealing my Malifaux and Infinity guys.
      Pony is a little shinier than he used to be. Hehehe.

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