My Next Challenge: Try to not break anything

It appears that I have, as of late, developed an inability to hold anything….or at least, inability to hold Infinity miniatures for any prolonged amount of time. *sigh*

 photo Untitled_zps35c728b8.jpg
Do not fear! We have come with the power of tinyness.

So I got them to around this stage (which for me is – yea pretty much done) and then what did I do? I dropped one, bent it’s whole shoulder guard/wing thing in and chipped off all the paint! (Many sounds were made, tears were shed, regrets were had).
Painting Sage attempted to rescue my work for me by quickly placing a lacquer type varnish over it that saved a lot of my paint job and returned it to me.

20 minutes later….I dropped the SAME MODEL. ON THE OTHER WING.

Really, to be honest. I shouldn’t be allowed to touch things in general.
Ah well….spent the rest of my time trying to fix his little attachments and got them sort of back to the state they were in.

I have also decided to ‘mark’ my Infinity army with my own symbol.

 photo 2_zps5116d3da.jpg
What have you done do us, girl? Put some weird M sign on my thighs? I’ll never be able to wear stockings again! Pssh

So it’s actually a bat. This is because I wear a lot of black and a number of people (including beloved Painting Sage) like to call me a varying range of ‘vampire’, ‘goth’ or ‘corpse bride’ haha whatever. Either way I often refer to myself as a bat so I went with a little bat.

Other than these guys I finally started painting one of the horses my friend gave me.

 photo 4_zps4d49237e.jpg
I appear to have the body shape and head of a Standardbred, and the feet of a Clydesdale..I’m a CLYDARDSDALE!!

I’m using him to attempt a different method of painting. I normally focus on one ‘area’ like skin and then finish it before moving onto the next – this time I’m going to block in all the base colours first and work my way out from there. Let’s see how it goes!!

I’d also like to note, he has developed this weird grainy film all over patches of him. I’m not sure what caused it, but it’s really hard to try to paint ‘smoothly’ over.

Oh last thing I should tell you all…I discovered the tiniest wontons in the world.

 photo 3_zpsdeb58f94.jpg

Like…seriously. It’s like eating a largish kidney bean. It’s so small my Infinity mini’s could use it as a decently sized pillow.
Fail Wonton company. Just fail.

Love from El


20 thoughts on “My Next Challenge: Try to not break anything

    • Ooooh thankyou so much!!! Hahaha,you have no idea, There’s a lot of ‘Noooooooo’ coming from my side of the table and Painting Sage looking at me with a ‘What did you do NOW?’ expression. hahahaha. This isn’t going to end well i feel.

      • Haha the parts are so small you’re bound to get glue on your hands, and eventually erase your finger prints!

        That’s why i chose the medium based figs.:P large enough to hold.

        Good luck though!

  1. its funny that we all get clumsy at times with models but to drop the same model nearly 3 times is hilarious, sorry Vampirella!

    The studio paintjob on the ALEPH models is a difficult task to undertake but I am super impressed with your efforts. Very keen to see them based and finished šŸ™‚

  2. Clumsy -me too! But I don’t drop them. Quite the opposite, I have trouble putting them down sometimes after I find I’ve super glued the mini to my fingers. Or my fingers to my coffee cup. Both true, unfortunately.

  3. I love the symbol you painted on your minis, I thought it was a bat right off so good job on that. The horse turned out wonderfully too.

  4. Butterfingers issues aside, the painting on the Infinity guys shows improvement over your previous projects I think. Im looking forward to seeing them finished šŸ™‚

    • Haha. Maybe I should start implementing that system! I’ll keep a money jar on the painting table and every time I drop something, I’ll put in $1. See how quickly I have a ‘miniatures’ fund. Hehe. And thankyou very much!

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