Todays Adventures: Painting Sage gets a Blog!

Well, as it appears all of my waffling on about the awesome WordPress miniatures community has rubbed off on my Painting Sage and he’s made himself a blog!! <—click here for good times.

As much as I wanted him to entitle it ‘The Ramblings of a Painting Sage’ it appears he instead went with The Wurmwood. Haha.

In my most recent escapades….I continued painting Lylyth from Warmachine. Got a lot of practice painting shading on cloaks.

 photo 3_zpsb2b6a4d2.jpg
 photo 2_zps33b57876.jpg
Look at the beautiful sway of my cloak. It flaps! Like a candle in the wiiiiinddd…ehem

Still need to learn a lot about blending. *sigh*
I keep huffing and becoming frustrated that they don’t come out as nice as they look in the pictures on the website. I wish patience was less of a virtue and more of ‘buy it now’ on ebay.

Painting Sage and I also purchased army’s for the miniatures table top game Infinity!

 photo 5_zpsc2a0c695.jpg
(Mine are the ALEPH on the left)

I absolutely COULD NOT believe how little these were when I opened the box.

 photo 6_zps585d906c.jpg
Hello my dear. I hear you’re going to be painting me? Take care with my stilletos, they’re small enough to clip the wings of a fairy dancing on the head of a pin.

Putting these together was not only an exercise in patience, but also a grand learning experience in the art of ‘pinning’. Painting Sage had to step in a few times to assist me as I was flailing all over the place losing pieces of robots that could only be found with a metal detector.

But, eventually, I had a set of robots and little Aleph people.

 photo 7_zpsab60ce2e.jpg

Well, I might leave it there for today!
Oh one other piece of news, was my painting friend found these awesome free printable terrain maps and cargo containers! I don’t have a ‘great’ photo of it yet – but how cool does this look??

 photo 8_zpseed50fd7.jpg

Ooooooh, cannot wait to play on this with my ultra tiny part people.

Love you all! Sincerely,


14 thoughts on “Todays Adventures: Painting Sage gets a Blog!

    • Oh thankyou so much!! And unfortunately not really as I’m only still learning myself! Haha. One thing I did was to do it in really gradual steps (lightening up) and kept the layers really thin. But I still think I ended up with a bit too harsh of a highlight on a lot of it. Aaaah well – practice practice. Hope you post up some of your cloak attempts!
      And be sure to share any good techniques you stumble upon πŸ˜€ !!

  1. The cloak is looking good – I generally stop at a base coat with a highlight – setting the bar a bit higher may inspire the rest of us too.

    Do you have a link to the printable terrain. Free is good.

    • Oh thankyou so much!! πŸ˜€ That cloak took forever with all my trying to keep the layers really thin and gradual. But – alas didn’t quite come out as intended but practice practice!! πŸ˜€

  2. Pretty nifty cloak there. I can tell you are improving. If you wanna do better blending, do thinner layers and only add slightly more of the lighter color to the mix for each layer. Remember to leave a tiny bit of the previous layer to be visible.
    You can also try the method using retarder. Though that stuff is hard to handle and takes a lot of practice.

    • Yea, thin layers is something I don’t seem to be getting the hang of. Although with using a wet palette now appears to be getting a bit better!
      Eeeep, practice practice I suppose! Hahaha. Can you just mail me your painting ability? A Buy It Now listing on ebay should be arranged. YUP YUP.

  3. Yay for Infinity! Funny, I just bought some Malifaux models to habe a go at painting them.

    Yeah, I think Infinity models are well-known for being fiddly to assemble. Last night I was cleaning Asuka Kisaragi for painting, and I cut the brakes and clutch off her motorbike handles because I thought they were flash 😦 Oh well at least there was another bike in the box. Sorry Aragoto hacker, looks like you have no brakes.

    I will have to go check out Painting Sage’s blog…

    • I did the same thing to one of my robots separate leg Armour. Turned out what I thought was flash was a thin wavy design on the side. 😦 Ah well he can just be unique!!

      I can’t wait to see your painted Malifaux guys!! I love these minis. They’re so fun to paint πŸ™‚

  4. Great work on the cloak. The whole figure is coming along quite nicely as well.

    If I might offer a bit of advice, see if you can get hold of the following Vallejo Model Colour paints to mix into your rotation when working on blacks. Black Grey (70.862), Dark Grey (70.994) and Basalt Grey (70.869). Black Grey works great as a base coat for black, since it’s so dark that it’s effectively black, but it’s a black you can *shade*!

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