Small Update in the land of Painting

So, I’m actually sitting at work. And my plan was to bring all my photos with me on USB and make a post when time allowed – as it turned out, I only copied over like 4 images so now I’m stuck hahaha.

Well, onto the tiny update!

I have continued painting on of the Orc’s that my friend gave me – but appear to be failing with not only the Red, the Pants AND the metal, but I also painted his front arm armour white first so it changed the whole effect I was trying to pull off on the metal. AAAaaaah well.

 photo 6_zps6c2d3df6.jpg

I’ve discovered, I wish to never paint anything red again. It is an awful colour to have to work with, and even worse to shade/highlight than most.
Oh, you want to lighten and darken this tone, ey? LET ME GIVE YOU PINK AND MAROON.

Now, this is not a good picture of my Malifaux guy Marcus, I will post a better one when I have my entire set of photos on the PC. But there is he, and his little flame.

 photo 113_zps9e7cf8c7.jpg

 photo 11_zpsf2b0c981.jpg

I took the photo of the flame separately because in photos of the whole mini the flame seems dark, in photos of just the flame it seems really bright and in person it’s somewhere between the two hahaha.

Well, that’s all I have for today. Oh, other than I bought these little guys from one of the players at work:

 photo 12_zps6e22c205.jpg

He bought a battle box with 2 factions and wasn’t particularly interested in circle.
I then traded out the winter argus with a DIFFERENT co-worker, and now have 3 normal!! Wee, 3 puppies!!

Time to start plotting out their paint schemes!!

~ Sincerely,


19 thoughts on “Small Update in the land of Painting

  1. Yep, red can certainly be a pain (along with yellow and white, and to a lesser extent black). I’ve found the biggest problem seems to be that the red and yellow pigments tend to make thin paints that are troublesome to get good coverage with. GW’s Foundation paints (now Base paints) improve that problem but shading and highlighting still prove problematic.
    Given your frequent mention of low supplies I’ll avoid suggesting GW’s washes and instead suggest washing red with watered down brown and highlighting with a red/orange mix, since you’ve obviously ascertained that lightening red with white is a bad idea. Unless you don’t deal with washes… But the colour theory still stands. Hope it helps.

    • Thankyou very much!! Yes, I do borrow my friends washes to try to get nicer effects with, but as I only own a couple of washes myself – when working on something on my own it can be a bit daunting!!

      I do however plan on making having a good range of washes a priority in building up my supplies 🙂

      I’ll definitely have a go with darkening with brown! Thankyou very very much 😀

  2. The flame looks great.
    For what it’s worth, I love doing red. You just have to remember that if you over-highlight it, your choices *really are* pink or orange into yellow. The GW paints – Mephiston, Wild Rider and Khorne Red are actually very good, especially when paired with Vallejo Model Colour – Burnt Cadmium Red (814). There are more out there of course, but those are a good solid start.

    • Oh thankyou so much!! Will look into getting some of these colours because I’d love to be able to do nice red! It’s such an impressive colour it’d be dissapointing to always cut it out of colour schemes! Thanks 😀

    • Oh hope you post up their progress as you paint them up!! I still haven’t started my circle guys cause I’m worried I’m going to ruin them! Haha. Suppose I will have to do it sometime though! 🙂 Thankyou so much!

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