Photos, Photos la la la

Anyone remember that song? Onions, onions lalala, Onions, oniona da da da – doo doop do do doop doo do.


Ok, so as I said in my last post, tried to get some nicer photos of my (almost) finished Malifaux crew so far.
I say ‘almost’ because le tiger still needs some grass, and everyone’s getting some tufts.

Firstly, Miranda…

 photo 3_zps358879c9.jpg
As a side note, Wyrd have changed her design to now wear an executioner type mask and have cheerleader pigtails. I feel this Miranda would not be impressed with pigtails…

And then my Tiny-Dragon!!

 photo 1_zps37b54246.jpg
I’m so happy with how his mouth turned out, despite using the wrong colours for it.

And little le Tiger.

 photo 2_zpsf2db2e2d.jpg
Still not really happy with the heads, they don’t stand out enough. But I honestly have no idea how to fix them.

Finalllllllyyyy, a progress shot of Marcus.

 photo 7_zpsb08bc2f5.jpg
Why everyone else get to be semi-pretty, but when it comes to me – I have to look like this, eh?

His clothes are now getting a coat!! Woowoo. The colours of his clothes are thankfully taking the attention away from his skin. *ehem*

Oh, as a side note, was wandering around the Wyrd forums (as I do) when I saw this on my profile.

 photo 8_zpsc62a9e44.jpg
(For non-Wyrd fans, that name is the creator of the company/games).

Dunno why this made me happy, I guess it was more ‘oooooh, what did I say that made him look at my profile??’ *beam beam beam*.
Buuuut, knowing my luck, it was a miss click when he was trying to select ‘Mark this user as a derp’ or something, haha.

~ Love from, Ellison


18 thoughts on “Photos, Photos la la la

    • Thanks so much!! A lot of it is me being shown how to do it by a very qualified painting friend of mine, and then I proceed along.
      I’d be very lost if someone wasn’t teaching me step by step though! I appreciate you compliment very much 🙂

      • I know what you mean. I watched some of my “artistic” friends paint some really amazing pieces and thought for years that it was beyond my ability. Then one day I started painting one just to try it. My friend gave me a few pointers, and then I just kept it up.

        What really honed my ability was painting the warbands when I got Mordheim. Four sets of a dozen similarly colored minis. Unlike most Warhammer folk though, I wanted each to have unique qualities. I haven’t posted any of those yet. Compared to what you have seen so far, they really don’t compare. And none of them gave painted eyes.

      • I always think that when I see units! That even though they are all extremely similar, they should have uniqueness as well! I think a lot of people just go ‘colour + colour + everymini in the unit = done!’ haha, so much more interesting when they have their own personalities.

        Yea, I’m not ready to give eyes a go just yet, but practice practice practice 🙂

    • I agree, this is both nice work and that there are no “wrong colours”

      Check with your painting guru (don’t we all have one of those?) but I’m wondering if the tiger heads can be made to “pop” a little by highlighting the eyes? I’m thinking the way cat’s eyes shine? Lovely work though.

  1. Awesome paint jobs and thanks for following my page! The only thing I can point out is the paint job on Miranda seems a little rough, by that I mean, not smooth like the others. Was this because of the mini?

    • Thank you for the compliments 😀 um…I dont think the mini was at fault in this case. Miranda was the first one to get painted so I learnt a number of ‘what not to do’ s when painting her. In person they all look a bit more chalky than in photos haha need to practice getting it all nice and smooth 🙂 any advice is really appreciated! 🙂

      • haha! Didn’t mean it as a diss or nothing! She does look good. To fix that though, just do thinner layers, watered down with water…OR i have stuff called ‘The masters brush cleaner and preserver’, it comes in a little round case. Just add a little water to your brush, rub a little preserver on it, then snag up your paint. it keeps the paint nice and thin

      • Oh no, I didn’t take it like that at all! 🙂 I appreciate honest feedback!
        Yes, I’ve ordered some Vallejo thinner to see if this helps keeping the layers thin. The problem I have is the difference between paint that stays where I put it – and having it so watery it actually runs into the cracks on a detailed area.

        Will definitely give the brush preserver a try! Not only good for my brushes but might help with painting! 😀 Win win! Thanks so much!

      • haha! no problem! also, i’d try putting ur paint on a folded up paper towel piece, then wet a small area near it and wipe some of the paint off in that area before u start. thats how i paint and i find it keeps the paint thin. you go through a lot of paper towels though lol

  2. WRT the tiger heads – try making the mane base coat a lot darker (they are in most species anyway he said having had to look up Ethiopian lions). Then do a fine highlight to make it lighter than the base fur colour. as others have said make the eyes and teeth stand out to really make a contrast to the darker mane.


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