Kickstart your Baseing!

Was just thinking about , and decided to patrol to see if there were any new projects I was interested in, and stumbled upon this: photo photo-main_zpse74604eb.jpg


So the concept is that you can just putty (green stuff/epoxy) up your base, and use this simple stamp to ingrain a texture and shape for your base to then be painted.

 photo 3_zps06322cd6.jpg

Now, I personally find this is a really exciting concept, because even though the set of stamps will continue to create the same little base – you’re avoiding using your own spare skulls/pipes/swords etc to give the base a little more something, AND once you’ve stamped it, nothing to say you can’t have a go at a little artistic license and grove your own additions into it.

 photo 4_zps1550d1b8.jpg

Quite interested to keep tabs on this one, and see if I can work up the funds to get me a couple of sets of these bad boys.


9 thoughts on “Kickstart your Baseing!

  1. This is awesome, but I am also not too big of a fan of the options they currently have available. I guess trying to create your own mold might be interesting, and is something I had never thought of before.

  2. I saw these when I was on for the WM:Tactics kickstarter. I like the idea I’m just not convinced these are all that well made. I will keep an eye out for more like this but I need sci fi bases usually.

    • Yea, I find the idea really interesting. And a good idea for people who aren’t extremely good at sculpting bases themselves – but like you I’m not 100% convinced yet, just going to watch these and see how they go πŸ™‚

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