Miniatures and puppets

Hello my friends!!

So, I received my parcel in the mail, filled with lovely miniatures things and cost more money than I really have to spend – but WHAAAAT ever.

 photo 1_zpse5250975.jpg
1. Some new paints and a light grey ‘white’ wash
2. Puppet Wars Unstiched!!
3. Zombie Chihuahua
4. Wendigo
5. Rasputina (normal version)

 photo 2_zps9b455126.jpg
Soooo many pieces! Aaaarg!

So, I’ve never bought a ‘kit’ like this before where you have more than 1 miniature in a set to put together like this. But according to my ‘Teaching me all things miniature’ sage, this is one of the nicest kits he’s seen and thinks it’s a great way to get me introduced to taking them all apart, cleaning and gluing together.

 photo 3_zpsd14bd8e5.jpg

So far – so good. I have 12 out of 44 done.
….that seems far more painful when I say it out loud.

Well, I finally got some time to work on le tigre (as I have now named him). Now, I realise a lot of people actually main this model to look like a wolf instead, and I thought of doing that to keep things simple, but my friend assured me they could teach me to wet blend.

 photo 4_zps46ddf54f.jpg
Oooh lookie lookie, I have a brand spanking new coat!

Wet blending was seriously the most stressful technique I have ever tried. Moving at that speed to try to get everything together while it’s still liquid on the figure was REDICULOUS.
I kept making ‘Eeep’, ‘Oh no!’ and ‘AAAAAAARG’ sounds across the table with a raised eyebrow staring back at me going ‘What ARE you doing???’. Ehem.

 photo 5_zpsdc23e43f.jpg
Stripes stripes stripes…wait, is this a prison jacket, yo? Oh no, it’s just me.

Then I did little stripes. Yeaaaaa…all those panicked sounds I was making during the wet blending were worse during this. So tiny.
Everything was finished off with a wash and that’s where I left it for the day!

I am really excited about how it’s coming along but I have to be completely honest, more than a few times it was handed to my friend to try to correct a stripe I’d just stuffed up or show me how to blend on a certain type of fur. Whenever I attempt things like this at home on my own, they never go well.

Only other news is that I’m now watching my way through Kyle XY. Anyone remember that show?

 photo 6_zpsf0c70136.jpg
Aaah yes, your pithy maths problem is no challenge for me.

I do remember this show, although didn’t watch it when it was coming out on TV. But the show is only like 5 something years old, why does it look like it was shot in the early 90s?Well, love you all!
~ Sincerely, Ellie


7 thoughts on “Miniatures and puppets

  1. Nice set! I like what I’ve seen so far of Puppet Wars, the style looks similar to some of the Malifaux figures, at least at first glance. If this is your first big set of models, I would suggest paint just 3 or 5 at a time, definitely don’t try to do the whole batch at once. Look closely at all of them, then pick out a handful that you have big ideas for, and paint one of these extra-cool ones in each batch, with the rest filled out by the not-so-interesting ones. This makes each batch of figures you do more interesting, rather than you feeling like you’re painting dozens of the same thing in a boring assembly line.

    • Oh thankyou!! Actually the characters in Puppet Wars are the same characters in Malifaux – but turned into puppets! Haha, so all of these little guys have a matching ‘proper’ more realistic looking miniature in the Malifaux game. πŸ™‚

      And yes at the moment, my plan is to lay out a colour plan for each set of matching guys and then look at the masters. So excited to get started on them though! πŸ™‚

  2. Nice wet blending! This is a technique I do all the time in my scenic painting, it’s one of my tech students favorite techniques for scenery or props, it just never occurred to me to try it on a small scale. I’ll have to find a project to apply it to now so thanks for the inspiration.

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