I spend money I don’t really have

I was wandering around on an Australian miniatures website store and saw that they had Wyrd’s Puppet Wars Unstitched game.

 photo 2_zps838e2157.jpg

So, this game is basically 44 plastic miniatures in the box, many of which are cutified puppet versions of the Malifaux crew (which appeals to my girly ‘oh it’s too cute’ side quite well).

 photo 3_zps5e92b24c.jpg

Yea…needless to say, I impulsively decided to nab it while it was on sale, and then talked myself into ‘well, you’re already paying for postage..’ and grabbed a couple of small other things with it.

Current me is angry at past me for making us flat broke with too many days before getting paid.
Future me is going to love me for all the gifts in the mail.

~ Love from, Current El.


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