Painting without a safety net

First things first, I finally took a better snap-shots of my tiny-dragon.
After googling some other techniques and asking my…er…miniature painting master friend – I have decided a list of touch ups (yet to be done) as in person, I think Tiny-dragon looks kind of … just..dirty? Hahaha.

 photo 1_zpsa8929e3f.jpg

Here is a better picture (excuse my absurdly long finger nails – they’re a whole other story in the Opera of ‘Things that annoy me greatly’).
I think what is bumming me out is that all the photos I’ve looked at of this mini, and looking at my friends mini’s he just doesn’t..pop?


Onto news, so I decided to have a go at painting a mini with absolutely no direction from my friends. I had a pile of tutorials printed and strewn all over the place and had at it. Here is my attempt:

 photo 3_zps6ab03411.jpg
Hello, I am a great and power mermaaAAAIIII…WHERE THE F ARE MY CLAM SHELLS!?

 photo 4_zpsde5de2b1.jpg
At least I look a little more tasteful from behind?

(As you can see, the colour transition from light green to dark and darker green did not go so well from the back…)

Random Reaper miniature number 1.
Now, as I’ve learnt, when lightening colours to highlight with – it’s better to not use straight white – but for the moment this is all I own so the highlighting on her tail, the rocks and the purple fins could use quite a lot of love and didn’t show up very well at all.

Hopefully after a shopping trip tomorrow to the big smoke I will be able to pick up some bone whites and proper skin tones !! Weehehe real coloured skin people, how nice.

My last piece of news is getting to try an American style pork hot dog.

 photo 2_zps6ed4db91.jpg
Why did I photograph this for you, you ask? Because, reasons.

Love you all!!
~ Ellison


5 thoughts on “Painting without a safety net

  1. The colour choice on the mermaid is great. It can be hard to get a lot of vibrant colours on the same model without making it look cluttered, but you made it work. The paint application is neat and you get good coverage: the model isnt patchy at all. As a result those two figures, the mermaid in particular dont look like beginner paint jobs at all. Nice work.

    My go-to not-white is Game Color Off White. I use it all the time, even though I only first picked it up a couple of years ago. I you get a chance then its worth picking up a bottle.

    The hot-dog looks revolting 😉

    • Thankyou so very much 😀
      Still wishing I knew how to blend the transitional colours properly so there wasn’t a stark distinction between when I switched colours and instead had a nice gradient flow from dark green to light. Practice practice practice I suppose! Haha.

      Game Color off white? Is Game Color the brand? I’d be very interested in getting some to see what it’s like!!

      Ahaha, the hot dog actually wasn’t bad (but I wouldn’t go so far to say good either)! But I also don’t eat many hotdogs, so it may very well be disgusting in comparison haha.

  2. “Vallejo” make a lot of different miniature paints ranges. “Game Color” is one of them. “Off White – 72101” is the one that I am talking about. I should have been more clear.

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