Tiny Dragon Gets Painted!

Ok ok, I am actually fully aware that this particular model is in fact a snake – but I mistakenly called it a dragon when I said to my painting friend ‘Oh, I wonder what the dragon will look like in person?’ before the Malifaux miniatures arrived in the mail – and since then, I’ve called him the tiny dragon.

 photo 2_zps836f24e1.jpg
Err….I don’t think my tongue should be green. Get the medic – tell them my tongues green!!

So I have to admit I was on a little bit of a high from all the work I’d put into Myranda and thought – hey the snake creature doesn’t look that tough! Should be a breeze.

How sorely mistaken I was.
1. The model actually doesn’t fit together. For some odd reason. I received 2 tails, which after much inspection found they were definitely identical and neither fit.
In addition, the teeth do not quick glue flush close to the models mouth – so I got to learn all about the world of ‘Green Stuff’.

 photo 4_zps01555df1.jpg
Teeth greened in, and behind that loop is a greened together tail that I then filed back to make it look like it was 1 piece.

2. Painting something with tiny cracks, and a lot of flat surfaces is actually damned hard.

3. I have no idea how to blend colours properly or contain my ‘wash’ shading to his cracks.

Either way, here is the end result:

 photo 3_zps4e4b4e64.jpg
Whew, my mouth isn’t green. Hey wait, El…EL…ELLISON..You know I’m meant to have a blue tongue right?

Yeaaaa…the model is depicted in the photos as having purple gums and a blue tongue, but after I’d put in all the work on his little teeth – I didn’t have it in me to change the colours. Although…I do think he’d look nicer with a blue tongue to be honest.

Well, not as happy with this one, but it’s all a good learning experience. And a good reminder that just because I was happy with Myranda doesn’t mean I still have any idea what I’m doing … AHAHAHA.

On a side note, I watch anime. Recently watched about 7 episodes of an anime called ‘PhotoKano’.

 photo 1_zps4d5b8bda.jpg

Needless to say, don’t do it. I’m a lesser person for having sat through 7 episodes.
Back to Shinjeki!Sincerely,


6 thoughts on “Tiny Dragon Gets Painted!

  1. I really like your mini painting posts and how you let us in on your thoughts and fears and successes as you complete each one. I think you did a great job on the little dragon regardless of what colors you thought needed to be used.

    Green stuff is a new thing for me, too. It still scares me!

    • Thankyou very much! It’s a very nerve wracking experience, especially sitting with professional painters that seem to be able to sneeze in the general direction of their minis and a painting masterpiece appears – but I am thoroughly enjoying every chance to work on each one.

      I’d love to see some photos of yours!! 🙂

  2. Pretty neat! Though your tongue shenanigans confused me. I see a pink tongue and you speak of blue and green. @__@
    Green stuff is pretty useful stuff. You will eventually get used to it in due time. 😛
    As to the recesses you had trouble painting with, you could always use a tool and deepen the ridges and lines a bit and thus make it easier for washes and other gap fillers to flush in there.
    I do think it looks great, though. 🙂
    Another way to forgo those worries would to paint tiny scaly bits with your hand here and there. That detail would distract the eye from the many ridges.

    • Haha, green because of the undercoat prior to the tongue being painted, and blue because – that’s the colour it’s meant to be in the photos on his stat card hehehe.

      And I never thought of making the recesses deeper myself – that would have been a fantastic idea! Some of them were lost in green-stuff/filing and so I sort of…manually painted some random lines to try to make it blend, but your idea would have worked so much better!

      And do you happen to have any examples of what you mean by tiny scales? I might be able to add them 😀 !
      Thankyou so much for the ideas!

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