Myranda is FINALLY done!

Finally my little Malifaux miniature Myranda is done! With hair!!

 photo 1_zpsd8b2e793.jpg
Finally! You gave me hair!

To be honest, I am super super proud of her!! Admittedly, she would look nothing like this if I hadn’t had someones advice.

Now, I would also like to give a mention to the amazing EvilBleachMan (Bleached Models) for writing me a guide on how to do blond hair. He is an amazingly breath-taking painter, and I felt so honored that he would take the time to write out how he does blond hair for me.

Now, I didn’t have all the right paints, but with my friends assistance we selected what we though was a good range and had at it.

 photo 5_zps2ee3305d.jpg

It didn’t come out quite how I’d hoped, or anywhere near EvilBleachMan’s work – but I think it was an acceptable attempt!!! I shall have to really practice hair hehe.

 photo 4_zps567dcaee.jpg

My friend was teaching me how to do a layering effect on the feathers. Now, compared to their models – my feathers look like clumps of purple with no highlights haha, but still – I’m happy with them.

Well, with Myranda done, and only her base to give some other browns and a little grass to go – I’m now onto dun dun DUUUUUN.
This bad boy.

 photo 3_zpsdf065ed7.jpg



9 thoughts on “Myranda is FINALLY done!

    • Thankyou so much! 🙂

      I’m actually really stoked with how she turned out! But again, couldn’t have done it without guidance from those with far more experience and wisdom haha. Hopefully, the other Chimera crew figures come out ok as well! 😀

  1. Really well done! You’ve gotten far with her.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about being ‘perfect’ at layering. It takes time and practice to get it down. Even I am still working on it, though it also greatly depends on your style of painting as well.

    What I would recommend for your next model is to try to thin your paint a bit when you paint. Some of the areas on your model are kind of ‘chalky’ because the paints aren’t thinned enough. It is not a bad thing but you will get a smoother surface by adding some water to your paints. This takes practice too.
    I usually add water to the paint until it is thin but still thick enough to cover up my finger nail. If I see nail underneath the paint I add more paint.

    P.S. the hair looks pretty good. 🙂

    • Thankyou very much!! Yea, I had in my head to keep the paint really thin, and then on occasion would be frustrated with something not being as bright as I wanted to go thicker paint – but I started to realise, when it drys it looks very different and I should have tried to keep the paint thinner haha.

      Thanks so much for the kind words!!

      • I know how difficult it is to be patient with paint. Its always better to do one or two more coats than to slop it on thickly. I do catch myself painting with thicker paints sometimes to speed things up. Sometimes I dislike the result. lol

      • That is a grand result for a first mini – you’re starting off on a fairly high base as far as miniature painting goes. I recommend a wet palette – they’re easy to make, and they improved my painting immensely.

      • Thankyou very much! And yes I was looking into getting a wet palette but just don’t have the dollars the moment!
        Easy to make? People make them?? INTERESTING!

  2. Great work, and the hair has come up really well. You wouldn’t believe the number of “blonde” figures I’ve seen through the years with yellow hair.. 😀

    • Thankyou so much 😀 Yea, I had a bit of help for her hair as I found the whole concept rather daunting (tutorial and a friend leaning over my shoulder haha), but hopefully practice practice and one day I’ll just be like ‘Yea, hair is so easy’ hahaha…I hope.

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