Painting Miniatures is like an Extreme Sport

The reason I say ‘like an extreme sport’ because:
1. That tiny fuck up just ruined your shit
2. My heart is going a million miles a second when I’m painting … hoping I’m not about to ruin my shit

So, another Myranda progress update (sorry about so many of these…I’m just excited).
Either way, I realise the photo from the back is quite bad, but I realised I haven’t shadowed the feathers well enough – and I appear to have accidentally washed her lower back with the brown wash I was trying to put on her belt. *sigh*
Will have to attempt to rectify my caffeine induced extra-pyramidal side effects, stop shaking and fix it!

 photo 1_zps2ba80c6c.jpg
Again, again, again – WHEN will I get a hair colour? I’m sick of looking like an elderly citizen!

 photo 2_zps5c45123b.jpg
Uh El, I think you not only gave me a lower back tan – but I think the colour term you’re looking for is DARK ROAST.

 photo 6_zps1c82d5f6.jpg

~ Ellie


5 thoughts on “Painting Miniatures is like an Extreme Sport

  1. Hi Ellie,
    I agree that painting minis can sometimes feel like a heart-pumping exercise. One wrong move and you’re toast! It’s been an evolution for me to let myself relax a little bit more when I paint and enjoy the process. In prior years, I just wouldn’t paint at all for fear of messing up a good mini. I’m enjoying your posts and the thought process as you complete a mini.

    • Thankyou very much! I really appreciate that!

      Haha, and I completely know what you mean about not wanting to mess it up. The friend giving advice on how to paint almost seems like they are barely paying attention and suddenly a stunningly painted figure appears – where as I feel like I need a surgeons headset and a shot of sedative I’m concentrating so much. Haha.

      • Agreed! I used to have a glass of wine when I painted minis and then it occurred to me that I might develop an unhealthy alcoholic association with minis and so I nipped that in the bud and have been a sober mini painter since. 🙂

  2. Being a sober mini painter is always a good thing. Being tipsy may cause you to paint fuzzily, which results in wild concoctions. Never paint while heavily intoxicated. I know this from experience. XD

    Otherwise she is looking pretty good. I wouldn’t get bummed out by a small slip up like that. It does mess up quite a bit, but generally there is nothing that cannot be fixed up. Using a wet pallette will even help you retain the same mixtures of paint you had used for a few days. Thus in case you do mess up you have the colors and the shades available to touch up the model.

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