Mirrors Edge? or Dull reflections?

I have to admit, I love Mirror’s Edge‘s graphics. They are slick, realistic, and I get excited when there are flashes of sections of faces and a tattoo gun.
But overall, is it just me, or is this trailer really really boring? It DOES NOT make me want to rush out and purchase the game in anyway.

Legendary? Or just glad it’s in the past?

So, I got Legendary a while ago in a Steam sale for I think around $2AU.

 photo 1_zpse7990159.jpg

It looked interesting, a bit of puzzle solving mixed with first person action? YES THANKS.

 photo 3_zps96c21e71.jpg
Little do you know, how bored you’re about to be.

So, I embark on my adventure and am dropped into this scene with a golden box in a museum. For some reason, I’m the kind of idiot that touches priceless artifacts (I didn’t want to be that guy, no body likes that guy…whatever) and get stabs in the palm for my troubles.

Apparently, stabbing me in the palm was a good thing…I think? and the action imbues me with some type of magical power.

 photo 4_zpsbe0be588.jpg
Check it ladies, the pimp hand GLOWS with the energy of my testicles.

So far so good. Long story short, you run into the streets when DOOF, everyone is floating in the air like amateur super men and the city is attacked by a bunch of over-zealous chickens.

 photo 5_zps7700bb10.jpg
We should get capes, y’all.

It was around about now that it started getting really dull.
The game is very ‘locked into this exact path and no where else’, the action is boring, predictable and in-engaging.

The arrival of the first ‘you need to kill these’ creatures…

 photo 6_zpsbe34f222.jpg
Anyone got a marshmellow handy?

…was needless to say, a strange fo. As given that this was still the introduction – had no obvious method to avoid it’s attacks while just being expected to randomly shoot at it from a confined space in the rubble.

I was far more interesting in what Gordon ‘The Destroyer’ Ramsay was saying in ‘Kitchen Nightmares‘ to be entirely honest.
Or at least, watching the show playing on my second monitor was actually more engaging?

 photo 2_zps0f34a07c.jpg
Your main dish was so bad, it reminded me of that time I was playing Legendary.

I’ll give the game a proper go I swear – but so far, it’s definitely a $2 game.

WARNING: The following post may contain horror

And by ‘may contain’ I mean, damned this looks scary.

Bethesda appears to be currently developing a horror survival game called ‘The Evil Within’ and were interviewed regarding this title for E3. Watch the clip if you like any kind of scary/survival/creepy type games.

I must say, I personally am not normally ‘spooked’ by a game – but this, actually gives me the heebie jeebies.

PS4 Highlights for the Aussies

Playstation Australia however now released some highlight details for us Aussie audience:

– PS4 is coming and you can experience the next generation in gaming at the remarkable price of $549.
– PS4 supports used games.
– Disc based games won’t require you to check-in online.
SCE Worldwide Studios has more than 30 PS4 exclusive titles in development, 20 of which will launch during the first year of PS4.
– The line-up of games on PS4 includes 12 completely new titles, including The Order: 1886 from Ready at Dawn.
– We also provided updates to other exciting PS4 titles #DRIVECLUB, inFAMOUS Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall and KNACK.
– Some of the best teams in the world displayed their groundbreaking games, including live gameplay of the highly anticipated Destiny from Bungie Studios for the very first time, as well as presentations from Ubisoft featuring Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Watch_Dogs, Square Enix showing off Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV, plus Warner Bros. presented the world premiere for Mad Max.

 photo 2_zps3be78cf4.jpg

– We reinforced our support for independent and smaller developers with nine new titles that will debut exclusively on PlayStation 4.
– Overall, there are more than 140 games in development for PS4, including over 100 that will be available within the first year.
– More than 85 games will launch by the end of 2013 on PS Vita.
– We announced that PlayStation Plus subscriptions will carry over to PlayStation 4, so subscribers will have access to all of the benefits across PS3, PS Vita and PS4 for one price.
– These benefits include the ability to seamlessly start playing games and join your online friends while spectating gameplay or enjoying cross game voice chat, as well as exclusive discounts, cloud game saves and Instant Game Collection.
– To celebrate the launch of PlayStation Plus on PS4, we will offer #DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition as part of the Instant Game Collection.

PS2 + PS3 = PS4

Sooooo, who else thinks this bad boy looks like they merged the PS2 and the PS3 designs?

I don’t mind it, but it’s a little…er..dull, in my opinion.

 photo 9012525808_cd1003e9b6_h_verge_super_wide_zps874e2e4f.jpg

 photo 9012525050_768a7f991a_h_verge_super_wide_zpscd775cb9.jpg

 photo 9012524988_a6b07f9612_h_verge_super_wide_zps460ed785.jpg

What does everyone else think of the design for the Playstation 4?

Nexus Addiction, Needs more dragons

So, while I’m ‘meant to be’ studying for exams, I decided to cheer myself up by buying Skyrim Legendary Edition for PC.

Now, I own Skyrim on PS3 but after drooling over the all of the texture mods and upgrades available on the internet, I decided to go out and purchase a high-grade gaming PC for the purpose of running said version of Skyrim (yes, I know a bit lame), and as it turned out – never got around to purchasing it.

Well now I have Skyrim, all of the DLC and a NexusMods account.

 photo 1_zpsc0a032e7.jpg

I started by installing the Bethesda textures pack from Steam. Couldn’t believe how detailed everything looked compared to my Playstation 3 version.

As I have said in the past, I make most of my characters to look like a basic version of myself, so this time, I decided to find a mod that included my own hair style so I could ATTEMPT to make this character as much like me as I could.

 photo 2_zps27d3e58a.jpg
( Mod is ‘AppachiiSkyHair’ )

As much as I would love to say ‘OMG, SPITTING IMAGE’, I am far from actually looking quite like that but hey, the hair fits and we both have a square jaw, whatever.

The overall scenery improved through a few different mods, but WOW were they worth it. I feel like I’m playing a massive cinematic EPIC movie.

 photo 3_zps5937aab0.jpg
( Mods for evironment used are ‘WATER – Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux’, ‘Sharshooters Extreme Graphics ENB‘, as well as ‘True Vision ENB’ )

I also found a mod that enhances the skin textures specifically.

 photo 4_zps7855cf8a.jpg
If you look closely, he actually has visible VEINS and HAIRS on his arms. Most of the male characters hold this trait – while the female skin was softened.

 photo 5_zps1154514e.jpg

I absolutely love this mod purely because, now everyone is basically super beautiful. I mean, hell. Lydia looks like she models for Vogue on weekends.

 photo 7_zps740ef498.jpg
( Combination of two mods ‘Improved Female Skin Textures’  and, ‘Realistic Female Face Skin HD‘ )

I could NOT go past also installing an animal mod.
The creatures of Skyrim now have multiple colours (i.e. not all the bunnies are the same) and the animals themselves are far more life-like.

 photo 6_zps6fc3a5d2.jpg
( Mod used was ‘Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack’ )

I’m unsure which mod was responsible for this specifically, but now my characters eyes are far clearer, brighter and stand out as well…

 photo 8_zps16aef642.jpg

But, best of all, I love love love being a photographer in my games – and most of all I enjoy taking snapshots that I can later use as my own PC Wallpaper supply.

 photo 9_zps2352ba8e.jpg

Needless to say, my future as a digital photographer may not be a good nor a professional one – but it’s going to be heaps more fun with this game now!!!


Dream out, with your Steam out

So, I have discovered that one of the easiest ways to distract me from study is to queue up and old faithful TV show and check out Steam sales.
I think the Steam people ACTUALLY know when I have my university exams, and put on all their good sales at that moment.

Even though I am swearing to not play even a minute of Neverwinter, Dragon Age or ANYTHING ELSE while exams are right around the corner (4 days = I hate life), I saw that Anna (A game I have been curious about for a while) was on sale so nabbed it up.

 photo 2_zps463a8b0f.jpg

In addition to now wanting to download it immediately and try it out, I’m holding myself back under some kind of pretext that I can still read study notes while rocking out the story lines that were Star Trek: The Next Generation.

 photo 3_zps3c65a4f1.jpg
Dem special eeeffects

Despite this, I do thoroughly enjoy my Trek, and it’s made all the more amusing when you see Wil Wheaton in his younger years on TNG and know that he grows up to be an awesomely respected super nerd. Good going, bro.

 photo 1_zps3aee2dbb.jpg
Although…I would have reconsidered that jumper….