Painting Boots

Hello again!

Thought I’d do a small update as, well, watching YouTube tutorials, reading tutorials and looking at miniature painting forums seems to have taken up my last few days. Hahaha, I love the feeling of excitement with a new hobby/interest.

So, worked a little bit on Myranda today.

 photo 2_zps9cbfbbdf.jpg
Still haven’t done my hair? Serious Ellie, I think the shoes could have waited?

I have given her some nice brown boots (still to be finished with some details/hightlights), and the little skulls on her belt.

 photo 3_zps3681090a.jpg
Come to think of it, given their size…Myranda has killed, and is now wearing the heads of small children……

Now, I was surprised how much layering was involved with these little skulls when my friend (who is helping me learn to paint minis) stepped me through the process. But I think it was worth it, they look much more dimensional now.

 photo 4_zps48a2c94e.jpg
Oh little sabertooth, shake….SHAAAKE….Who’s a good boy?

Based and then painted with a light tan/skin/something colour the 3 headed Sabertooth Cerberus ready for his fur. It was suggested as I was doing a bit of tumb twiddling when waiting for various aspects of Myranda to dry that I get another one going so I can bounce between them. Soooo excited to start on the Sabertooth.

 photo 1_zpse8be5dd3.jpg

This is the picture of my little ‘part of the table’ that I sit at my friends house (as I own maybe, 8 citadel paints and they own something like 100+). I have it set up so that I can see the two characters cards at all times for colour scheme.\
I know I can do them whatever colour, but this is making it easier for me.

Other highlight of my week was getting my X Men Starter decks in the mail.
This is an old Wizards of the Coast release with limited comic book and poster inside. Pretty much just drop the words ‘limited edition’ and/or ‘Wizards card game’ in an advertising campaign and I’m all over your product like ants on candy. Gimme gimme.

 photo 5_zpsa16c45a0.jpg

Well, off to sleep I suppose.
~ As always, Ellison.


1 thought on “Painting Boots

  1. Myrrie is coming along nicely. I am sure you can now see how easy it is to really create depth in a small 3D model. Often stuff that looks good wasn’t too hard to paint, really. Keep it up! 😀

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