Eating, Gaming and Miniature Painting!

Heeeeeey, that title kind of rhymes?

So, I’ve been ridiculously stressed out lately. University Exams were on, at the same time as my job get’s super busy, at the same time as a number of my friends suddenly dissapear off the face of the Earth (Not dead, just avoidant!) and yea – you get it.
*First world problems, right?*

Well, I explained that because when I’m stressed out I cook – so the other day I find a fishmonger selling Moreton Bay Bugs, so I nabbed a few and did them in a garlic, butter and parsley dressing, sprinkle of rock salt and optional lemon.

 photo 1_zpsf3639acc.jpg
Yea, kinda tasted like … fish prawns. Very meaty.

Another stress release, painting up my new Malifaux miniatures! Arrived safely in the mail the other day and I’m having a crack at painting up Myranda first.
Now, please keep in mind:
1. I am not very good at this
2. Any level of ‘success’ I achieve is because I’m planted next to a professional painter who’s saving my arse every time I stuff something up hahaha.

So this is her with skin and blue fabric done so far.

 photo 2_zps0d1ce2dc.jpg
Oi, El…You’re not leaving me GREY haired are you? This is awful.

 photo 3_zps7ffe7308.jpg
With the FLASH on looks really bad, but wanted to show that I’d painted on shine…even though, yea it kind of looks like smudge like this hahaha.

Other than these two activites, got in a little Neverwinter time, kind of dull now that the Event is over – but either way got to questing.

 photo 5_zpsf97f57f2.jpg

I was sent into this dungeon when a lot of sections of roofs have caved in and you walk up the debris to get tot he next ‘level’ of the dungeon and I discovered a somewhat glitch.
Was stuck here for a good 10-15 minutes trying worm my way out of the crack.

 photo 4_zps3755d967.jpg
Don’t step on a crack, or you’ll fall and break your….ability to move forever.


5 thoughts on “Eating, Gaming and Miniature Painting!

  1. Good work painting, I think Miranda is looking good. If my early efforts were as good as that I’d be very happy, and it seems that you have potential to be painting great miniatures.

    • Thank you very much 😀 I really do appreciate that! But a lot of the credit goes to a friend who has been giving a lot of advice and showing me little tips and tricks with shading. So excited to be learning though!

  2. Pretty good start. Is this your first mini? If so, damn good. I wish I had been able to paint like that when I first started out. 😀
    Good going thus far!

    • Sort of yes and no. I have often sat at the table with my friends painting putting stripes or something silly on a spare they have sitting around and plan to strip of paint soon.
      This girl is my first attempt at learning how to paint one properly from start to finish – but my friend is helping me know what to do at each stage hehe 🙂

      • Help is always a good thing when getting into this hobby. I often say that this hobby thrives on people sharing their experience with others. I received plenty of tips and tricks from people in my day and even now I look up tutorials or harass people like Mako in private for some pointers. 😛

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