XBox One – Still Sucks

 photo 8chkb32-1_zps65105afc.png

I don’t care about any of Microsoft’s recent backflips. They didn’t stick the landing on this at all, 1/10 for effort.


5 thoughts on “XBox One – Still Sucks

  1. well re the photo, you could always not masterbate in front of the xbox one? lol after the U-turn for the xbox one im feeling far more favourable to it than I was previously

    • I do admit that I am now more willing to consider the Xbox One as my next gen console than I was previously, – however, they have now left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, and the PS4 is still trumping on a lot of fronts. Hahaha, this whole mandatory connect business is turning me off the device.

    • Well, as Xbox One is going for the ‘nucleus on the living room’ scenario, as media player, internet browser, and gaming system, WHERE THE HELL ELSE ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO MASTURBATE? They’re pimping this thing as masturbation central, but they’re going to watch you do it!
      Now don’t get me wrong, usually I’d be all on board for having an audience, but with all of their terms of service they’ll probably call the police on me for how I do it. Bare minimum they’ll critique my style.

      Officially, I just love that they -completely- 180’d on every single ‘selling point’ that they had, which leaves them with NO PLATFORM AT ALL – giving PS4 a decided advantage seeing as how they didn’t retract every last thing that they’d said.

      Also, please take this with a grain of salt, seeing as how I’m fairly religious about PC and the Wii – depending on whether I’m playing a serious game, or something light when friends are over.

      • AHAHAHA, solidly one of the funniest comments I’ve ever received.
        And yes, tend to agree that Xbox’s back flip on all of their ‘new innovations’ doesn’t really say much for the company…nor how awesome they kept saying these innovations were apparently going to be…

  2. i find it hilarious that the general consensus about the creep factor of always on kinect is that fact that it can watch ya grown and moan at any time… (hell i had i think the same way too!)

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