Legendary? Or just glad it’s in the past?

So, I got Legendary a while ago in a Steam sale for I think around $2AU.

 photo 1_zpse7990159.jpg

It looked interesting, a bit of puzzle solving mixed with first person action? YES THANKS.

 photo 3_zps96c21e71.jpg
Little do you know, how bored you’re about to be.

So, I embark on my adventure and am dropped into this scene with a golden box in a museum. For some reason, I’m the kind of idiot that touches priceless artifacts (I didn’t want to be that guy, no body likes that guy…whatever) and get stabs in the palm for my troubles.

Apparently, stabbing me in the palm was a good thing…I think? and the action imbues me with some type of magical power.

 photo 4_zpsbe0be588.jpg
Check it ladies, the pimp hand GLOWS with the energy of my testicles.

So far so good. Long story short, you run into the streets when DOOF, everyone is floating in the air like amateur super men and the city is attacked by a bunch of over-zealous chickens.

 photo 5_zps7700bb10.jpg
We should get capes, y’all.

It was around about now that it started getting really dull.
The game is very ‘locked into this exact path and no where else’, the action is boring, predictable and in-engaging.

The arrival of the first ‘you need to kill these’ creatures…

 photo 6_zpsbe34f222.jpg
Anyone got a marshmellow handy?

…was needless to say, a strange fo. As given that this was still the introduction – had no obvious method to avoid it’s attacks while just being expected to randomly shoot at it from a confined space in the rubble.

I was far more interesting in what Gordon ‘The Destroyer’ Ramsay was saying in ‘Kitchen Nightmares‘ to be entirely honest.
Or at least, watching the show playing on my second monitor was actually more engaging?

 photo 2_zps0f34a07c.jpg
Your main dish was so bad, it reminded me of that time I was playing Legendary.

I’ll give the game a proper go I swear – but so far, it’s definitely a $2 game.


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