Thanks for the G, hackers!

So, I decided to completely format my laptop and re-install all my games a fresh. Now that I no longer need it for work or uni really, it’s basically just my LAN computer to take to friends houses.

In doing so, I decided to reinstall Diablo III even though I haven’t played it in about a year – and found that I could no longer log in.

After a rigmarole with Blizzard support and exchanging of ID information, they reset my password and I was on my way.

Upon logging on, I discovered I had a full character list (where I only had 2), and my main character was now level 60 on Inferno!

Impulsively I deleted every character except my main worried that Blizzard would see the list of oddly chinese character named level 1s and shut my account down – now I regret that choice!

I found that no only had my character been leveled, but she now had a lot of gold.

 photo 1_zps3c0055fd.jpg

In addition to this, I had a nearly entire legendary armor set…

 photo 2_zps282693fa.jpg

And a bunch of rubbish in storage…

 photo 3_zps2856c621.jpg

In Diablo 3 you have the option to ‘restore last deleted character’, so I selected this option and brought back one of the chinese level 1 characters, to find that it was in fact a gold + legendary item pack mule.As much as I kind of wish I hadn’t so hastily deleted the others, I also don’t want my account shut down for suspicious looking activity or characters, so maybe it’s better this way?


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