Painting Boots

Hello again!

Thought I’d do a small update as, well, watching YouTube tutorials, reading tutorials and looking at miniature painting forums seems to have taken up my last few days. Hahaha, I love the feeling of excitement with a new hobby/interest.

So, worked a little bit on Myranda today.

 photo 2_zps9cbfbbdf.jpg
Still haven’t done my hair? Serious Ellie, I think the shoes could have waited?

I have given her some nice brown boots (still to be finished with some details/hightlights), and the little skulls on her belt.

 photo 3_zps3681090a.jpg
Come to think of it, given their size…Myranda has killed, and is now wearing the heads of small children……

Now, I was surprised how much layering was involved with these little skulls when my friend (who is helping me learn to paint minis) stepped me through the process. But I think it was worth it, they look much more dimensional now.

 photo 4_zps48a2c94e.jpg
Oh little sabertooth, shake….SHAAAKE….Who’s a good boy?

Based and then painted with a light tan/skin/something colour the 3 headed Sabertooth Cerberus ready for his fur. It was suggested as I was doing a bit of tumb twiddling when waiting for various aspects of Myranda to dry that I get another one going so I can bounce between them. Soooo excited to start on the Sabertooth.

 photo 1_zpse8be5dd3.jpg

This is the picture of my little ‘part of the table’ that I sit at my friends house (as I own maybe, 8 citadel paints and they own something like 100+). I have it set up so that I can see the two characters cards at all times for colour scheme.\
I know I can do them whatever colour, but this is making it easier for me.

Other highlight of my week was getting my X Men Starter decks in the mail.
This is an old Wizards of the Coast release with limited comic book and poster inside. Pretty much just drop the words ‘limited edition’ and/or ‘Wizards card game’ in an advertising campaign and I’m all over your product like ants on candy. Gimme gimme.

 photo 5_zpsa16c45a0.jpg

Well, off to sleep I suppose.
~ As always, Ellison.


Eating, Gaming and Miniature Painting!

Heeeeeey, that title kind of rhymes?

So, I’ve been ridiculously stressed out lately. University Exams were on, at the same time as my job get’s super busy, at the same time as a number of my friends suddenly dissapear off the face of the Earth (Not dead, just avoidant!) and yea – you get it.
*First world problems, right?*

Well, I explained that because when I’m stressed out I cook – so the other day I find a fishmonger selling Moreton Bay Bugs, so I nabbed a few and did them in a garlic, butter and parsley dressing, sprinkle of rock salt and optional lemon.

 photo 1_zpsf3639acc.jpg
Yea, kinda tasted like … fish prawns. Very meaty.

Another stress release, painting up my new Malifaux miniatures! Arrived safely in the mail the other day and I’m having a crack at painting up Myranda first.
Now, please keep in mind:
1. I am not very good at this
2. Any level of ‘success’ I achieve is because I’m planted next to a professional painter who’s saving my arse every time I stuff something up hahaha.

So this is her with skin and blue fabric done so far.

 photo 2_zps0d1ce2dc.jpg
Oi, El…You’re not leaving me GREY haired are you? This is awful.

 photo 3_zps7ffe7308.jpg
With the FLASH on looks really bad, but wanted to show that I’d painted on shine…even though, yea it kind of looks like smudge like this hahaha.

Other than these two activites, got in a little Neverwinter time, kind of dull now that the Event is over – but either way got to questing.

 photo 5_zpsf97f57f2.jpg

I was sent into this dungeon when a lot of sections of roofs have caved in and you walk up the debris to get tot he next ‘level’ of the dungeon and I discovered a somewhat glitch.
Was stuck here for a good 10-15 minutes trying worm my way out of the crack.

 photo 4_zps3755d967.jpg
Don’t step on a crack, or you’ll fall and break your….ability to move forever.

XBox One – Still Sucks

 photo 8chkb32-1_zps65105afc.png

I don’t care about any of Microsoft’s recent backflips. They didn’t stick the landing on this at all, 1/10 for effort.

Hunting a dead dog

I have been kicking around on Neverwinter for the past few days due to the event currently on!! Oh, how I love events.

This event releases monsters through variously placed portals through the main city (Protector’s Enclave) and the players can all run and kill them to protect the loving defenseless citizens.

 photo 5_zpsde920df2.jpg
Paaaartay! Who brought the boom box?

Once the portal closes a minute or two later, every get’s a ‘bag of bones’. Collecting these bones allows you to turn them in for various rewards – the top one being a new skeleton dog companion.

 photo 1_zpsb4f2faa8.jpg
Keep moving you creepy citizen, I will not follow you into any suspicious looking lane-ways.

So, you need 40 bones to get the companion dog, and I was up to 35 when maintenance was announced to hit shortly. So I scrambled to get the rest of my bones and pick up my new puppy.

 photo 2_zps84b4b30b.jpg
Looks like everyone else had this idea as well?

Because there are so many people at the spawn points, it can get a little messy trying to see what the hell you’re doing.
A problem I successfully solved, by planting myself on a pillar and casting from there.

 photo 4_zpsead8b633.jpg
Go team! I got your back! … from up here…

It also allowed me some good digital photo-ops between spawns…

 photo 3_zps4116c86e.jpg

Well, minutes before server shut down – I had success.
Everyone say hello to my new friend, SPARKY!

 photo 6_zps6a5ec1de.jpg
Arf arf?

Malifaux and pretty things

As a result of this post –> Malifaux Project Shenanigans by The Wargaming Monkey … I went and purchased these today:

 photo WYR3018a__97489133842592412001200_zpsb29dafc5.jpg
 photo WYR3018b__87913133842592412001200_zps3a7c5d56.jpg

Can’t wait to crack these bad boys open and get painting! As the website for Mailfaux appears to have all the rules and cards available for downloads, I shall get to reading 🙂 .

Uuuugh, love the designs!

~ Always, Ellie

U.S. Military speak out against Xbox One!

Independent military magazine Navy Times has published a new report blasting the Xbox One and its various policies that the publication describes as problematic for those on active duty.

The Xbox One will require users to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours, something Navy Lt. Scott Metcalf believes will be a “showstopper” for those serving downrange, in the field, or at sea.

A past report claimed Microsoft was working on a solution for those in Internet-free scenarios, though the company now says no such plan is in place.

In addition, the Xbox One will be supported in only 21 countries. Those stationed in major military regions like Germany, Italy, or Great Britain will not have a problem. However, service members in Japan, Kuwait, Afghanistan, or other areas are in a bind.

On top of this, since Xbox One games are region-locked, service members who import games won’t be able to play them on their local machines. And as Navy Times points out, those who buy games locally will be out of luck, as Xbox Live accounts are tied to regions.

The publication also calls out potential “serious” security concerns for the Xbox One, involving the system’s Kinect camera and/or microphone recording conversations not meant to be heard outside of the military. Microsoft has said that the Xbox One does not record idle living room chatter.

“Microsoft has single-handedly alienated the entire military,” naval aviator Jay Johnson wrote in a Gamasutra piece. “And not just the U.S. military–the militaries of the entire world.”

Johnson added that the Xbox One’s Internet requirement is “the single greatest sin Microsoft has committed against all service members.”

Xbox executive Don Mattrick last week offered an alternative for those without an Internet connection, such as military members and students.

“Fortunately, we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity; it’s called Xbox 360,” Mattrick said. “If you have zero access to the Internet, that is an offline device.”



Mirrors Edge? or Dull reflections?

I have to admit, I love Mirror’s Edge‘s graphics. They are slick, realistic, and I get excited when there are flashes of sections of faces and a tattoo gun.
But overall, is it just me, or is this trailer really really boring? It DOES NOT make me want to rush out and purchase the game in anyway.

Legendary? Or just glad it’s in the past?

So, I got Legendary a while ago in a Steam sale for I think around $2AU.

 photo 1_zpse7990159.jpg

It looked interesting, a bit of puzzle solving mixed with first person action? YES THANKS.

 photo 3_zps96c21e71.jpg
Little do you know, how bored you’re about to be.

So, I embark on my adventure and am dropped into this scene with a golden box in a museum. For some reason, I’m the kind of idiot that touches priceless artifacts (I didn’t want to be that guy, no body likes that guy…whatever) and get stabs in the palm for my troubles.

Apparently, stabbing me in the palm was a good thing…I think? and the action imbues me with some type of magical power.

 photo 4_zpsbe0be588.jpg
Check it ladies, the pimp hand GLOWS with the energy of my testicles.

So far so good. Long story short, you run into the streets when DOOF, everyone is floating in the air like amateur super men and the city is attacked by a bunch of over-zealous chickens.

 photo 5_zps7700bb10.jpg
We should get capes, y’all.

It was around about now that it started getting really dull.
The game is very ‘locked into this exact path and no where else’, the action is boring, predictable and in-engaging.

The arrival of the first ‘you need to kill these’ creatures…

 photo 6_zpsbe34f222.jpg
Anyone got a marshmellow handy?

…was needless to say, a strange fo. As given that this was still the introduction – had no obvious method to avoid it’s attacks while just being expected to randomly shoot at it from a confined space in the rubble.

I was far more interesting in what Gordon ‘The Destroyer’ Ramsay was saying in ‘Kitchen Nightmares‘ to be entirely honest.
Or at least, watching the show playing on my second monitor was actually more engaging?

 photo 2_zps0f34a07c.jpg
Your main dish was so bad, it reminded me of that time I was playing Legendary.

I’ll give the game a proper go I swear – but so far, it’s definitely a $2 game.

WARNING: The following post may contain horror

And by ‘may contain’ I mean, damned this looks scary.

Bethesda appears to be currently developing a horror survival game called ‘The Evil Within’ and were interviewed regarding this title for E3. Watch the clip if you like any kind of scary/survival/creepy type games.

I must say, I personally am not normally ‘spooked’ by a game – but this, actually gives me the heebie jeebies.