Adventures of the Neverwinter 3.0

So, still playing Neverwinter – wow this game is ADDICTIVE.

I have been mostly doing my questing alone.

 photo 1_zpsc82fa6ac.jpg
Here, let me teach you the dance of my people.

Questing alone appears to be getting more and more difficult. Beginning to think I might need to re-spec my Cleric because she literally can’t do diddly squat without Mr. Meat Shield – and even with him, life’s getting tough.

 photo 2_zps352f7e2c.jpg
Don’t just stand there taking photos for your Instagram, help me down!

I did however managed to talk a few friends from both work and university into signing up to play.

 photo 3_zps573cd1d0.jpg
First place I show them, is obviously the bar.

When questing alone, it’s moments like these ones that send my stomach into a knot. No matter how pretty it is, it still looks very ominous.

 photo 4_zpsf8f6286a.jpg
Welcome to my home, would you like a cup of tea?

I have been basically signing into the queues as soon as I log on because I’ve been enjoying group dungeons so much. I think because I don’t often have friends on to play with – this kind of forcibly gives me party companions for a while haha.

 photo 5_zps44ee5b79.jpg

So the tokens you get for horses when you turn level 20 do not let you keep the horse, merely ‘rent’ it.
So I saved up my gold and went and purchased ‘Laddy’, my new palamino…something.

 photo 6_zpsbb55bca8.jpg
Don’t kick me off, buddy. We need to go forward. FORWARD. I knew I shouldn’t have let that merchant talk me into the bargin equine.

Final discovery for this week – I finally worked out where the bloody ZOOM button is.

 photo 7_zpsd48566cf.jpg
I are so pretty in the camp fire light.

It also wasn’t until this discovery, that I realised how much bigger than me Meat Shield is!!

 photo 8_zpsd20594ec.jpg
Hold back on those steroids, brother. I think you’re done.

Well, da da da dats all folks!

Sincerely, Ellison.


1 thought on “Adventures of the Neverwinter 3.0

  1. That’s a fun idea, to make yourself in a computer game. I actually never thought of that! I might have to go back to some old stuff now and try to create myself 🙂

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