Neverwinter Nights But it’s Always Cold

 photo 1_zps863f1a16.jpg

So, I was over at a friends and they hopped onto Neverwinter to give me a tour. Needless to say – first thing I did when I got home was download it.

I love that this game has it’s own beautiful graphics, and not the stock standard half arse disappointing cartoon looking style that the majority of F2P MMO’s seem to have lately.

So after signing up and customising my character, I was dropped into my first quest. Basically the ‘learn how to use the controls’ quest that everyone expects.

 photo 2_zps47b1414a.jpg
My new friend, waving his sword around like as if he knows what he’s doing…

The quest ended with a ‘mini-boss’ of sorts (after my friend had been incapacitated).

 photo 3_zps3fd32030.jpg

The world, cities and dungeons are all actually quite beautiful. I spent a bit of time ignoring my quest path (the sparkles on the ground act as a quest path guide of sorts, HALLELUJAH) and just explored the city and checked out other players and vendors.

 photo 4_zps5aa5180f.jpg

On my travels through the city, I also found my friend in-game goal.

 photo 5_zps4b31fdd7.jpg
Come with me, little pony. I have a carrot?

Most area’s a conveniently equipped with a ‘camp’ which acts not only as a save point (yay, don’t end up back in the city) as well as healing you.

 photo 6_zps3e8058ce.jpg

On more than one occasion I wasted a pot and then discovered one of the camps right around the corner *ugh*. Learn to game, El. You’re an idiot.

Well, I might leave this there, back to killing rats.

 photo 7_zps15d4e9e6.jpg
Myyyyy milkshakes bring all the rats to the yard, and they’re like you wanna take 45 damage per hit?

Anyone else playing this game at the moment?

– Always, El.


1 thought on “Neverwinter Nights But it’s Always Cold

  1. I too gave Neverwinter a whirl with a friend of mine. As a fan of the Baldur’s Gate games when I was young I was intrigued by the setting of the game. I really liked the combat system, I played as a sword and shield warrior and felt really powerful whizzing around and smashing orcs in the face with my shield. Did you see a spider mount? They were cool in a creepy way. Alas, free time isn’t something I have a lot of right now so my adventures were short lived, at least for now. Still, seems like a good game!

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