Adventures of the Neverwinter 3.0

So, still playing Neverwinter – wow this game is ADDICTIVE.

I have been mostly doing my questing alone.

 photo 1_zpsc82fa6ac.jpg
Here, let me teach you the dance of my people.

Questing alone appears to be getting more and more difficult. Beginning to think I might need to re-spec my Cleric because she literally can’t do diddly squat without Mr. Meat Shield – and even with him, life’s getting tough.

 photo 2_zps352f7e2c.jpg
Don’t just stand there taking photos for your Instagram, help me down!

I did however managed to talk a few friends from both work and university into signing up to play.

 photo 3_zps573cd1d0.jpg
First place I show them, is obviously the bar.

When questing alone, it’s moments like these ones that send my stomach into a knot. No matter how pretty it is, it still looks very ominous.

 photo 4_zpsf8f6286a.jpg
Welcome to my home, would you like a cup of tea?

I have been basically signing into the queues as soon as I log on because I’ve been enjoying group dungeons so much. I think because I don’t often have friends on to play with – this kind of forcibly gives me party companions for a while haha.

 photo 5_zps44ee5b79.jpg

So the tokens you get for horses when you turn level 20 do not let you keep the horse, merely ‘rent’ it.
So I saved up my gold and went and purchased ‘Laddy’, my new palamino…something.

 photo 6_zpsbb55bca8.jpg
Don’t kick me off, buddy. We need to go forward. FORWARD. I knew I shouldn’t have let that merchant talk me into the bargin equine.

Final discovery for this week – I finally worked out where the bloody ZOOM button is.

 photo 7_zpsd48566cf.jpg
I are so pretty in the camp fire light.

It also wasn’t until this discovery, that I realised how much bigger than me Meat Shield is!!

 photo 8_zpsd20594ec.jpg
Hold back on those steroids, brother. I think you’re done.

Well, da da da dats all folks!

Sincerely, Ellison.


Neverwinter, Neversummer

 photo 1_zps9138c32a.jpg

Hello friends! So, my adventures in Dragon Age Origins appear to have been placed shortly on hold to make way for my new found addiction to Neverwinter.

 photo 2_zps5b3b45be.jpg

To be entirely serious, I would have to say that this is one of the best games I’ve played in a while. And it’s an MMO? Surprising, given that most new F2P MMOs actually somewhat annoy me due to their keyboard warrior type player communities.

 photo 3_zps1417862b.jpg

I had the opportunity to party with a group of people doing a PvP. It’s a kind of ‘capture the flag‘ but a little more – capture the ‘magical spiral tower’.

 photo 4_zpsd002b52c.jpg
Ello ello ello, you gots a purdy mouth

Started healing a random person on my map who turned out to be very friendly and took me on a tour through some dungeons.

 photo 6_zpsd4e3d5f8.jpg

T’was great fun!

Ended up queueing up for something that was a daily dungeon event? Or something similar? Unsure – either way, joined with a random group of 3 and off we set.

 photo 7_zpseb8c1084.jpg
And if you’ll look directly to your right, you will see a supernova in it’s natural habitat.

Our groups bravery was rewarded with a big treasure chest.

 photo 8_zps70dceaa6.jpg
That yielded EXTREMELY little for me. Poo!

Went on dungeionearing by myself and found this one that involved turning these giant statues to activate hidden pathways.

 photo 9_zpscf38c4ef.jpg
There you go, ladies. A nice view of the park.

I am actually in love with looking around a lot of the dungeons and buildings in this game. They are actually quite pretty to look at. Most of my screenshots aren’t for this blog, they’re because I’m like ‘woah that’s cool, lemme get a picture’.

 photo 10_zps0432b216.jpg
I shall call her Lydia.

Got myself a few nifty treasures for getting levels. The first of which is my beloved companion named ‘Mr. Meat Shield‘.

 photo 13_zps1c5d9219.jpg
He’s a tad full of himself…

If you look at him up close, turns out he has green eyes and a bridge scar.

 photo 14_zps35d8bb72.jpg
Oh Mr. Meat Shield. Cut yourself shaving again?

In addition, upgraded my head to have some level of defense. Unsure what was protecting it before, but it makes my characters eyes look far less…er…creepy.

 photo 11_zps2999bd9e.jpg

Any my personal favorite, I GOTS A POOOONY.

 photo 15_zps12d1569f.jpg
Don’t kick, Neighneigh. You might hurt someone.

Oh, and due to some people taking advantage of a fault in the games ‘Auction House’ the entire server got rolled back by 7 hours (I think?) losing a few completed quests of mine, but no big deal.
As compensation, the admins decided to give everyone a gift.

This is my ‘I survived Caturday’ cape.
Uhhh….I don’t think I’ll be rolling about in THAT somehow.

 photo 12_zpsf72a319a.jpg

Neverwinter Nights But it’s Always Cold

 photo 1_zps863f1a16.jpg

So, I was over at a friends and they hopped onto Neverwinter to give me a tour. Needless to say – first thing I did when I got home was download it.

I love that this game has it’s own beautiful graphics, and not the stock standard half arse disappointing cartoon looking style that the majority of F2P MMO’s seem to have lately.

So after signing up and customising my character, I was dropped into my first quest. Basically the ‘learn how to use the controls’ quest that everyone expects.

 photo 2_zps47b1414a.jpg
My new friend, waving his sword around like as if he knows what he’s doing…

The quest ended with a ‘mini-boss’ of sorts (after my friend had been incapacitated).

 photo 3_zps3fd32030.jpg

The world, cities and dungeons are all actually quite beautiful. I spent a bit of time ignoring my quest path (the sparkles on the ground act as a quest path guide of sorts, HALLELUJAH) and just explored the city and checked out other players and vendors.

 photo 4_zps5aa5180f.jpg

On my travels through the city, I also found my friend in-game goal.

 photo 5_zps4b31fdd7.jpg
Come with me, little pony. I have a carrot?

Most area’s a conveniently equipped with a ‘camp’ which acts not only as a save point (yay, don’t end up back in the city) as well as healing you.

 photo 6_zps3e8058ce.jpg

On more than one occasion I wasted a pot and then discovered one of the camps right around the corner *ugh*. Learn to game, El. You’re an idiot.

Well, I might leave this there, back to killing rats.

 photo 7_zps15d4e9e6.jpg
Myyyyy milkshakes bring all the rats to the yard, and they’re like you wanna take 45 damage per hit?

Anyone else playing this game at the moment?

– Always, El.

Ever wanted to date a pigeon?

Then have I got the game for you!

 photo 4_zps2d112b0b.jpg

Hatoful Boyfriend is a Japanese dating sim based on the story of a girl attending an ALL PIGEON SCHOOL.
She is the only human character in this game (despite the male pigeons having human ‘avatars’), and the goal is to get to know and then date the male pigeon students.

 photo 1_zpsd71e3a4e.jpg

Now, when I said that the male pigeons have avatars, this is merely a figment of the girls imagination, and the feature can be turned off via a setting in the game – if you would prefer to enjoy your male counterparts in all their feathered glory.

 photo 2_zps1dfd6048.jpg

I have to be honest, while playing the game, I did feel a tad suss…

 photo 3_zps2a9e8d0b.jpg

Normally, I don’t mind Japanese dating sims, or at least – the one or two I’ve played before – but there was something about the idea of fictionally romancing a bird that made me….uneasy.
However, that could also be the fault of the dialogue.

 photo 5_zpsde7d25f0.jpg
If you say so…

Either way, in the same rhelm as my previous post regarding ‘Umadonna’ I wonder how many others of these are out there?

Actually, I take that back.
I don’t need to know.

Haha, sincerely – El

Baking, Gaming and Speculating

Today has been eventful in my tiny world.

  1. Successfully completed all my work with a few days to spare before the dead line – so now I can just sit back making everything pretty before presenting it to my client.
  2. I baked some pizza topping stuffed Anpan
  3. I bought a low end low tech low cost tablet.

First things first. Anpan!
Welcome to one of my de-stressing hobbies, baking! After watching RunnyRunny999‘s YouTube videos I wanted to have a go at Anpan.
He stuffs them with Anko (a sweet bean paste) however, I decided to go with tomato-paste, ham and a combination of Swiss and Parmesan cheese.
Actually turned out pretty well…

 photo 20130510_224110_zpsb5e95862.jpg
I will however be needing to cook them at a lower temp in future, and put more of an egg wash on those bad boys.

Slightly changing the subject to my new tablet (also shown, new awesome comic leggings)…

 photo PicsArt_1368183807933_zpsc4e6f301.jpg

I downloaded the WordPress app for this device too and I have to admit, like it much better than the version for the phone.

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-11-01-02-22_zps9f8871b6.png

I fully appreciate that more space is going to equal better functions and ease of navigation, but I really like the reader and posts views.
Nicely done WordPress. You got the right people designing those apps in my honest opinion.

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-11-01-21-43_zps210952cd.png
This is the same post view on the phone, for reference.

In my next up coming post, I shall be reviewing a dating sim based on the concept of a human girl attending a school with ALL BIRDS.
I do not mean Bird men, or people with wings, or even birds with human arms! I just mean straight up, 15-20cm tall BIRDS.

Moshi Moshi? Oh hi! Haven’t heard from you in a while!
What’s that? You’re dating birds now?
…Sorry I’m driving through a tunnel. *click*


Ys Origin

So, I was having a look through the different ‘demos’ that Steam has to offer as I’ve never really downloaded one before – just bought the game and then worked out if I liked it.

Either way, Ys Origin definitely caught my eye.

 photo 1_zps3c9c5d89.jpg

Like remember the days of all those awesome RPG Platformers? This is an awesome addition to the genre.

 photo 2_zpsd6b22af3.jpg

There’s something about sprites that I love.

The mechanics in the demo indicate that you have 3 attack elements that you can equip one at a time. Meaning my standard/special/power up attacks will follow that element.

I think fire was my favorite.

 photo 4_zps4d1de458.jpg

 photo 5_zpsd1a5b7cb.jpg

You could use these sort of magical spring platforms to jump onto higher levels, but unfortunately there was no way for me access the level to finish the first mission.

 photo 3_zps0779f740.jpg
Pity, I was really enjoying that.

The first missing showed all these torches going out that you were required to re-light, to access the chest that holds the key to open the door.

 photo 6_zps9be2f9c4.jpg

But alas, it appears I could only go so far with the demo.

 photo 7_zps92a6a0b2.jpg

Will definitely be a purchase of mine in the near future however. This was an awesome way to kill some time relaxing and being able to watch YouTube at the same time.

 photo 8_zps82ea2b88.jpg
If you get bored, and like to watch people cook – I would recommend RunnyRunny999. He’s a japanese guy (living in Japan) that cooks upon request for viewers – but isn’t amazing at it, and pretty amusing to watch.

Well, I’m out for the moment!
See you all next time.



I finally got my back-lit keyboard through (now keep in mind this is a cruddy $15 that I got until my expensive one comes into the shops) – but either way I figured the best way to test it out would be to write a blog post!

So far, so good. Not a bad $15 in all honesty.

Still can’t wait for my Logitech but hey – still not bad.

Well, that was unexpected…

 photo 4_zpse3550ba1.jpg

Sooooo, I’m just casually cruising the internet when I stumble upon this .

This is a Japanese dating sim, played from the perspective of a horse!

Now so far as I can gather, you play the role of a racing horse in a stable. You have a tough time dealing with the fact that you aren’t quite as fast or ept as the other steeds and struggle with self confidence.

But, never fear little pony! Because you have 3 beautiful maidens to woo.

 photo 3_zpsb9e12d0c.jpg
The Jockey.

 photo 2_zps52fd2956.jpg
The trainer.

 photo 1_zps3388d514.jpg
Aaaand the stable hand.

Oh and here’s a side shot of you…

 photo 5_zpsa80b727e.jpg

Free to play available on the JRA website (link above; in Japanese) apparently this game ‘Umadonna’ was so successful and brought so much publicity to JRA they are currently developing a second one!

Iiiiiiiiiinteresting stuff.


Dragon Age: Origins – Part IV

 photo 1_zps35c80806.jpg

Saddle up! Time for additional adventures on Dragon Age Origins.
Please be aware of spoilers, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

Recently I have taken up to running Let’s Play videos while I’m playing – I like listening to the sound of someone commentating their gaming experience.
For those who are un-familiar with the concept of a ‘Let’s Play’ – it’s where someone screen captures themselves playing a game in video feed, and often has a commentary with it.

 photo 2_zps16b618bc.jpg
I would highly recommend checking out TrendKiLL’s video’s. His are my favorite to listen to – but be aware, he drops the F bomb a lot hahaha.

But, onto the show!

So not a lot interesting happened after the rescue of the boy and his uncle, so I headed off to discover this magic ‘Urn’ that will hopfully cure Alister’s friend the Arl.

I ran into this guy that that I chatted to quite pleasantly for a few minutes and then went to leave his house.

 photo 3_zpsd40acab6.jpg
Oh but of course kind lady, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.

Before I leave I thought, might have a quick lookie loo around his home for any freebies and go to enter the last room and he jumps up with ‘don’t go in there’.
I get involved in some dialogue choices and decide I want to know what’s hiding in the damned room and this results in him attacking me.

Now, him attacking me wasn’t the bad thing, when I went in the room I found this.

 photo 4_zpsf063ef88.jpg

Who the F was I just talking to then?

I don’t know if this means something, but I did notice a doll next to the body.
Now, I also noticed this same doll next to the beds when I was in the fade rhelm battling naked purple girl with horns.

 photo 5_zps8937ef73.jpg
I’m going to guess who ever the archdemon causing all this is, really likes plush toys.

After this, I make a trek to a town called Haven.

 photo 6_zpsaf7f7993.jpg
Welcome to haven, please enter at your own risk.

Despite it’s welcoming name, the towns people are anything but. This entire town are mass murdering cult freaks.
I walk into a room with an alter and blood coated all over it. Turns out, my dog can distinguish between human and animal blood and tells me so.

 photo 7_zps23127bcf.jpg
So, Dog. Remind me again how you can taste that this is a deceased human Caucasian male of approximately 37 years of age?

Based on Dog’s professional DNA analysis we move onto the chantry to find out what the hell is going on.

 photo 8_zps27f668a7.jpg
Apparently a Justin Beiber fan club congregates here to discuss new singles.

After slaughtering every last one of the trigger happy stoned out cultists, I find a man I had been looking for laying on the floor in an adjoining room. He thanks me to saving him and informs me that he believes he has found the Urn I want.

 photo 9_zpsceb52075.jpg
Lead on bald man! If I lose you, glint your head in the sun as a beacon. K, thanks.

So the Urn is apparently in this…er..snow castle. Which of course is filled with confusing rooms, which are of course in turn filled with annoying foes.

 photo 10_zps43a7a403.jpg
Can’t you just go get it, dude?

Last save point, I had started fighting these Ash demon things. Not as tough as they look, but a royal pain in my behind when trying to fight off 10 plebs in armour.

 photo 11_zps61acc590.jpg
Not as cool as a Zerg, but he’s trying.

Well, time to stop blogging and start playing again.
It was mentioned on my blog that I’m soon going to encounter a twist. AAARGH THE ANTICIPATION. Can’t wait to see how this ends.

Love you all đŸ™‚