Someone took offence to BioShock’s forced baptism

Although I have the utmost respect for personal beliefs and the right to express them – I have to admit, this made me laugh.
Firstly because in the same breath that you say ‘I can’t play this because of my religion’ you also say ‘At least I could skip stuff in the shoot em up that involves violating one of the 10 commandments and demands I slaughter people’.
Secondly I laugh because, in what other medium would you be able to return things for this? Can people take back the entire series of Grey’s Anatomy and claim that they didn’t realise that by season 6 there’d be a lesbian character? Or take back a bitten cheeseburger because they didn’t realise it was beef? No, no you cannot.

If you choose to stop watching, playing, reading, eating or partaking in WHATEVER because it makes you uncomfortable, then that is your business. But expecting compensation/refund for your own possibly poor choices or miss-understanding about the content of something is unrealistic – that’s on you, buddy.


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