Good Morning Coffee Drinkers


Ok, so I suppose it’s kind of expected that the first post in any blog is a ‘introduce yourself and the purpose of your blog’ piece; So in keeping with that tradition, here we go.

I am a heavily caffeine addicted female gamer (25 yo).
Now, I know everyone just rolled their eyes “Ugh, self proclaimed female gamers”, and yes I get that there appears to be a ‘geek sheike’ thing banging around at the moment, and comparatively to most of my male gaming counterparts I suck at almost everything – BUT, despite all of that gaming, television shows and coffee are some of my few true joys in life.

Now, what do I play? Anything and everything (except real time strategy games, could never get into those).
I primarily game on my trusty computer (named Ash), but I also enjoy:
– PS3
– PS Vita
– 3D NDS
– Wii
– My mobile phone

Recently I have been bouncing between plating DC Universe Online, Star Trek Online, Path of Exile, League of Legends and Dragon Age Origins.

So, I guess I will leave my intro post there, and I look forward to having an outlet for my incessant screen shot taking and need to tell stories.

Catch you all shortly!



7 thoughts on “Good Morning Coffee Drinkers

  1. I am much like you: 25 years old, caffeine addicted and a gamer with three differences… I’m Male, drink Monster instead of coffee (most of the time) and still have my Freshman Fifty on me lol

    I actually prefer female gamers when it comes to reading. They tend to have a fresher view of gaming than males and I look forward to reading more of your stuff! Welcome to the community!

  2. I am a heavily caffeine addicted female gamer (25 yo).
    Now, I know everyone just rolled their eyes โ€œUgh, self proclaimed female gamers”

    Nah, I didn’t roll my eye at that. I rolled my eyes at the caffeine bit. You caffeine addict fiend! Stop having so much of it!!! xD

    Other than that, hope you have fun blogging!

  3. I am a 34 year old mom-gamer-programmer. I had an awesome moment the other day when I saw my name printed in an RPG book as a playtester when I thought… my geek cred is just as good as any guy’s!

    And I drink about two pots of coffee a day!

    • Aww, I think I would probably have the page of the RPG book framed. Just so people could ask what it was when they entered the house and I would have ample opportunities to draw peoples attention to it hahaha.
      Play testing must be heaps of fun!! Especially while drinking coffee ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The gigantic bookcase of RPGs probably does the trick of attracting people’s attention sufficiently!

        Play testing is fun, but so is gaming!

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